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You Just Don’t “Get Me” And I’m Okay With That

Updated on February 6, 2009


When I started blogging and created my website in 2006, I knew that there were going to be a lot of people who weren’t interested in what I had to say and more to the point, would disagree or be disgusted at what I had to say. (Thus the reason for naming the site “Some” Like It Scott) And the first thing you read about it when you go to the site is that I admit that “I’m an acquired taste, you know, like Tab cola.” But what has never ceased to amaze me are the people who get all riled up about what I write. And to them I say, you just don’t “get me” and I’m okay with that – Don’t Get Me Started!

The wonderful thing about the blogosphere that has been created is that you can throw your opinions out there like drops of rain on a parched earth or lob them at people like a clown in the circus lobs cream pies into people’s faces. (I try to mix things up and do both – sometimes in the same posting) I’m not without my moments of outrage at something political or sentimental writings or deep seeded thoughts but for the most part I chose to create my blog entries from a pseudo-me perspective about things that annoy and/or that I find funny.

That’s right, what a lot of people don’t realize is that I’m not just the person you read on the blog. I think that’s probably true of most people. You see, when you’re writing a blog (and desperately trying to keep it updated a minimum of five days a week so that people will stay interested and come back each day or often to your site) you kind of need to create a dual personality that is one or two parts you and three parts a much more flamboyant interesting character.

Some people use their blogs to say the things that they wished they had said at a moment in time or simply to vent. I will tell you that most of the time if I quote myself as saying something to someone, I’ve usually said it. But when you read my blogs you also have to understand that you’re almost always reading something that has been what some people would call, “embellished” but I prefer to call “embroidered…with beads.” Most of the time I’m looking to cause a reaction because blogging can be a lonely sort of thing unless people write back to you because once you write it and post it, if no one comments you don’t know if anyone has really read it.

Recently I had someone tell me off (all the while referring to me as “Mr. Scott” which reminded me of what the four year olds I taught dance to back in the day used to call me) he went off about a blog I wrote about the men in the US who wear kilts. You know, the ones who aren’t wearing them from a culture perspective but more so because they want people to look at them and no doubt they are the lead “Hozah!” person at their local Renaissance faire. ( How dare I tell people what to wear? Come on, we all know that most of these guys have “loser” written somewhere on them and no one wants to look under their kilt to find out exactly where. Though what this guy had to say wasn’t as bad as the reaction I got to telling people over forty not to wear sleeveless shirts. ( Oy gut, you would have thought I had killed someone and in fact, one person got so upset with me that I had to write a rebuttal blog just for him. ( And do you know what? I loved every minute of it.

That’s right, what people don’t realize is that when they’re telling me off, it’s bringing the largest smile to my face imaginable. I love that they sit at their computers (no doubt with orange Cheetos stained fingers) typing away to tell me off.  For the most part they get to remain anonymous with their snappy screen names they’ve made up and yet it makes them feel better to tell someone off and do you know what? It makes me feel better too.

After posting a video blog about not caring about Clay Aiken coming out I loved that someone wrote into YouTube stating, “This is ridiculous. Watch your mouth, gay bitch!” ( The best part was when I went to this loser’s YouTube page and discovered that it was nothing but Clay Aiken videos and tributes to the singer. No doubt this was exactly one of the people I was talking about in my video blog and no doubt this person just doesn’t “get me” and I’m okay with that – Don’t Get Me Started!

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