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Young Adults Dealing With Chronic Pain

Updated on April 13, 2008

The Detrimental Effects of Chronic Pain

Being in pain is no fun. Being in a chronic, ongoing state of pain is even worse. Chronic pain, which is loosely defined as pain that has outlived its usefulness, can be a tremendously life-disrupting occurrence in a person's life. Dealing with a chronic pain condition takes much of the luster off of life. It can make the simple chores and duties of everyday life exceedingly difficult to perform. It casts a dark shadow over the pain sufferer's existence and life, and makes it hard to notice and enjoy the good, pleasant things that life has to offer.

As a thirty-three year old chronic pain sufferer, I can fully attest to the negative impact that chronic pain can have on a person's life, especially on the life of a young person. When most people my age are in their physical primes and at the apex of their physical powers and functioning, I am saddled with a condition that significantly reduces my ability to function in a way that would be considered normal for a person my age. And that is a very hard situation for me to deal with.

My chronic pain condition centers around the effects of a bad hip. At the age of thirteen, I had surgery on both of my hips due to the effects of a childhood hip disorder. Over the years, my hip has become increasingly painful and stiff, the result of degenerative hip arthritis. Although I am still able to function well and perform most activities that I care to, I have to put up with a constant pain and discomfort caused by my faulty hip joint. And this has wreaked havoc on me psychologically, spiritually, and of course physically.

I'm a very active-minded kind of a guy. I love to hike, I love to workout, and I love physical activity in general. And, as you can imagine, it's quite difficult to fully enjoy a physically active lifestyle when you have to put up with ongoing chronic pain. The sum total of all of this dysfunction and pain is an overall sense of vulnerability and weakness. And not to mention a heaping dose of frustration and depression. I often sit back and think about how much different my life would be if I were 100% physically whole; no hip problems and no chronic pain problems. I know the difference would be tremendous, and it's highly frustrating when I realize that I'm stuck in this position!


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    • AnthonyJ33 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Southern California

      Hi Louise.....That's a lot to go through. It really sucks to be young and to have to deal with pain on a daily basis. It really is no fun. Hope you are holding up well.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi Anthony. I can definitely relate. Started with low back pain in my early 20's, had discectomy/laminectomy at 25 and 5 years later a lumbar fusion. The surgeriesd has just made it progressively worse. I am now at a different surgeon who basically tells me the other surgeon didn't do a good job at all and the damage can't be undone. The disc below surgery has collapsed and the one above is busy going. Furthermore the discs in my neck are badly degenerated and they suggest further surgery. I have constant pain - it's nauseating and I am so emotional. I wish I could just lead a normal life like most young people around me. There is so much I would like to do that I can',t but I try to stay active and do whatever I can. The only thing that really gets me through each day is my faith. Just hang in there :)


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