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Lifestyle and Attitude Changes Will Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Updated on October 13, 2008

Misconceptions of Weight Loss and Dieting

All our lives we are told that being fat is unhealthy. There is no arguing that. At the same time we are taught to believe that losing weight is a chore, a task, something that can only be done by hard work and perseverance. We are conditioned to think there is no solution to losing weight, that it will always be a battle that you can never win. Regardless, there are hundreds of diet and weight loss plans out there.

It's no wonder most of us trying to lose weight are doomed to fail. That is unless you change your attitude about weight loss, and "unlearn" all the preconceptions that society forces on us.

The way to combat this and succeed in losing weight is forget everyone telling you about weight loss. Sure, genetics play a part in your predisposition to weight gain but it is sadly overstated.

Change Your Attitude About Weight Loss

Changing your mental attitude about weight loss can make a world of difference in your battle with the bulge. Here are some tips on changing your attitude about weight loss:

Forgive Yourself

Don't feel sorry for yourself and don't think of yourself as a failure. Every single individual who is successful, regardless of the objective, have failed.

Learn From Your Weight Loss Failures

Hey learn from your failures. Find out why you failed and make a plan to avoid falling into that same pitfall again. Failure can be positive if you are objective and heed the truth.

Positive Thinking Works

I actually have a note taped to my computer, my mirror in the bathroom and even on the dashboard of my car with a phrase that says "Think Positive and Never Give Up". Each time I see the note I repeat the phrase. This routine certainly has changed my attitude and now I look at it as a challenge that I can overcome.


Visualization is a powerful tool for success. In fact, I teach visualization techniques to the kids on my youth baseball team. Seeing things in your mind's "eye" is the first step to actually doing it. Visualize yourself the way you want to look!

Conclusion With a change of attitude and adopting a new lifestyle are the keys to achieving your weight loss goals.


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