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Keep Your Identity Safe

Updated on November 18, 2007

Keep Your Identity Safe

Being able to lock up your identity in a safe would sure come in handy. Personally, I'd prefer a vault!

Identity theft at every level hurts us all. All your personal information is floating out there just waiting to be exploited.

Take charge and know what you can do to keep your identity safe!

Identity Theft Victims Have It Tough

Identity theft victims are faced with one of the most frightening and frustrating challenges. They often have to go through a long series of steps to repair their credit and identity. The experience of thousands of identity theft victims is that this frustrating experience often requires months and even years.

Identity theft victims have been known to lose their jobs, be refused loans or even arrested for crimes they didn't commit. More than half of them had their current credit cards taken over by identity theft criminals. Making things right after a stolen identity can take months and cost thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, id theft victims are also recovering less of the lost cash. The research firm, Gartner in Stamford, CT, found that identity theft victims are losing more money and getting less of it back. In 2005, an average of 87 percent of funds were recovered; in 2006, that had dropped to 61 percent. The average funds that were lost in 2006 was $3,257. Way up from the $1,406 in 2005. Thieves are becoming much better at this all the time.

Identity theft is a federal crime. In spite of that, you're still on your own to clean up your credit report and good name. While most victims don't necessarily end up needing the help of an attorney, some do. The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not in most cases provide assistance to identity theft victims.

Let's hope that as more attention is given to this crime, people will learn the steps to take for identity theft protection. Maybe someday, identity theft victims will be a thing of the past.

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