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Zombiewalk 2008

Updated on September 23, 2008
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In 1968, George Romero created a new genre of horror with his release ‘Night of the Living Dead’ the beginning of a series of movies that span decades. No longer were zombies mindless drones that walked the earth for no reason. Now they searched for flesh and blood, and there was no escaping them.

In March of 2008, Grace Lee produced a movie called ‘American Zombie’ coined the phrase, “Were here, we’re dead, get used to it”, a motto of the Zombie Advocacy Group. This documentary follows the lives of zombies in modern times just trying to get by. Was it real?

On October 26, 2008, the dead will come to life and descend together upon cities worldwide to make their bloodthirsty flesh eating presence known, for this day is National Zombie Day. Have you ever been curious about what it would be like to safely walk among the undead? Or do you dream of shuffling along in full make up along with them? Either way, they will be wandering the streets of Portland in search of brains.

The Zombie Walk was first recorded in Sacramento, California in 2001, and was called The Zombie Parade as a way to promote a film festival. Zombie fans caught wind of the idea, and since then Zombie Walks have popped up all over the world. On October 29, 2006, 894 zombies set a Guinness World Record at the Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh. The Monroeville Mall was the set for ‘Dawn of the Dead’. Unofficial reports have been made since of Zombie Walks in upwards of 1500 people.

Portland’s Zombie walk started in 2005 with only about 70 decaying cadavers, this underground event has grown to over 700 people in 2007, and they’re expecting even more this year.

Zombie Walks worldwide have turned their power towards charity, raising money for food banks, blood drives, and numerous other causes. Portland’s Zombie Walk is fighting to stop world hunger. The leaders of the walking dead are asking that all zombies participating in this year’s Zombie Walk to please bring donations of Non-perishable food. Any non-zombies who do not have a donation will be subject to the mercy of the flesh-eaters.

More information about starting place and time are still to be announced. For more information, go to


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