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Avatar Legends of the Arena Game, MMORPG

Updated on September 15, 2008

Avatar Legends of the Arena Game, MMORPG

While waiting for the release of an online multiplayer Avatar game in less than a month, Aang and his posse have made their way to the portable playstation. Avatar: The Last Airbender for the PSP has been lauded for not being strict in terms of following the storyline in the highly successful Nickelodeon series. Instead, players can find their own quests and follow their destiny, so to speak.

If you're a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, be sure to read on to see whether this game will be worth your time and money.

As there is no specified storyline to follow, the options for a player are practically unlimited, making the game playable for prolonged periods. Another interesting feature is that the players can be customized in the game through a hack and slash design, coupled with attractive 3D graphics and interesting background details.

As a player, you will need to guide for heroes through various trials in the Avatar world. As you go on your way, you will meet a lot of people who will either help you along your quest or spell your doom, something very faithful to the game. As you go along, you will get items and will be able to upgrade your skills by fighting. The challenge, of course, is to up your game and equipment to the best of your abilities.

Of course, the Avatar world is not complete with magic, and this world is no different. As with the show, Benders who can control the four elements abound.

As for the online game that will debut in September, Avatar: Legends of the Arena lets players create their own character and do battle against other players all over the world. Each arena can host four players at a time. As they go along, similarly, they will be able to upgrade their character and learn new bending moves and acquire more powerful equipment. will be creating a 3-D online virtual "world" for DMC where registered users create avatars -- virtual personas - that "live" and interact in the virtual world and can either observe or be actively involved in the activities taking place. Paid will be creating virtual merchandise items that will be available for purchase by Worlds' users to fashionably clothe or accessorize their avatars. All of the content and features available on DMC's web site,, created and managed by PAID, will link seamlessly to DMC World. To facilitate ecommerce on Worlds, Paid will be integrating its patented ecommerce technology into WORLDS' online 3-D marketplace.

"As we build and manage DMC's online brand and presence, it is fitting that one of the most influential and legendary pioneers of hip hop - who was also responsible for igniting the hip hop/rock revolution in 1986 with the incredible RunDMC/Aerosmith collaboration on "Walk This Way" - would be the first hip hop artist to lead the charge into the virtual worlds arena with the industry's leading innovator," said Keith Garde, president of Paid, Inc. celebrity services and president of PKA Management, a Paid, Inc. subsidiary that manages DMC. "We believe the fans who will be attracted to DMC World will come from among a variety of genres, interacting in an immersive and unbelievably detailed, exciting 3-D virtual community.

Garde added, "As DMC is both a hip hop pioneer and progenitor of the joining of the rap and rock , we anticipate that many rap and rock artists' alike will follow DMC's lead and develop their own Worlds to provide a channel for their fans to have a 24/7 3-D-culture experience. Paid is pleased to be offering its ecommerce technology and merchandise fulfillment services to ensure that users have the richest 3-D experience possible."

This relationship breaks new ground as a licensing opportunity under which WORLDS.COM can broker the use of PAID, Inc.'s newly-patented shipping calculation technology when signing or renewing contracts with its own clients, which today includes some of the world's most familiar brands and entertainment entities.

"This relationship with PAID allows us to enhance our services for WORLDS.COM members with a broad range of available products inside and outside the virtual communities," said Thom Kidrin, CEO. "We believe that Paid will be able to offer a broader range of innovative and creative products and efficiently manage fulfillment with their specialized inventory management and shipping infrastructure to enable all involved parties to increase revenues and the bottom line."

Kidrin noted, "We are opening the door to expand further into recording artists, sports figures and other well-known brands to reach greater traffic through our relationship with Paid. We are also attracted by the nature of PAID's relationship consulting services in the areas of sports and music industry marketing, and we see ourselves creating new revenue-generating strategies together as part of the natural progression of our business relationship."


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