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10 Basketball Motion Offense Scoring Tips

Updated on December 3, 2008


  1. Let the shooters shoot – Live with the bad shots so your shooters perform without fear.
  2. Screeners get the best looks – Have shooters set screens and then look back for the ball.
  3. Play inside out – Use the post, especially the low post, as a passer. Spot up passes from the low post, especially to the weakside yield great shot opportunities.
  4. Set flare screens – Screens that are set in a direction opposite the flow of the ball create great shots.
  5. The best scoring opportunies are away from the pass – A pass from the top to the wing will create an opportunity toward the baseline. A pass from the right wing to the top will create an opportunity driving to the left.
  6. Shoot the ball when you are in the lane – You are not going to get any closer so get it to the rim. Let your rebounders work on a miss.
  7. Space out on a drive - If you see a teammate on the drive, create room by spacing out and get to a passing angle so he can see you for a kick out.
  8. Curl off screens – The most underused cut in the game. Very difficult to defend.
  9. Go backdoor – Instead of chasing the ball, take your defense away and go to the other side. The ball will find you. If you are overplayed, cut out to the limit of your range and then cut to the basket. The defense can’t play it both ways.
  10. Let the big dog eat – Throw the ball into the post. The more the post touches the ball, the better everything gets.

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