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Updated on October 29, 2008

Changing Beliefs

It is possible to train yourself to believe anything desirable providing (a) you are willing to do so, and (b) you are willing to commit to do what it takes to expand your awareness into how you have structured conflicting, negative beliefs.

That means that there is a need for digging deep into the beliefs of the powerful subconscious mind using meditative techniques. And then what can happen is that you, as the "believer" is transformed rather than having to change individual beliefs. As a result of this, all future negative beliefs can be de-structured much easier producing a form of "enlightenment" that is beyond the abilities of the written word to describe.

Belief systems can be hard to change when they are survival orientated and deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind, and this is where the problem lies with those of us that don't seem to be getting anywhere - most beliefs are working against our goals and aspirations and what's more, these beliefs are unconscious, that is they are beliefs that are working below our levels of awareness.

Beliefs can aid success, but negative beliefs can also block it. And such a block needs close scrutiny and this is best done through meditation. Some people find the discipline of meditation very difficult, but it is possible with guided meditation from an audio CD or MP3. Getting a greater an awareness of the here and now is the first essential step to eliminating negative beliefs, and then, to end the meditation session, you will need to visualise the manifestation of what is wanted and needed in your life. If you commit to this daily discipline, you may discover that your mental blocks begin to flood into your consciousness to be resolved.

But why do we have mental blocks in the first place? They are beliefs that have become defence mechanisms that are, to a greater or lesser degree, survival orientated. The problem lies in the fact that the blocks are obsolete threats to our well-being - a threat that is long gone, and this means that we can end up protecting ourselves against the very success that we crave! To recognise and experience this, whilst in a state of meditation, is the beginning of the destruction of beliefs that serve as mental blocks. As the blocking beliefs are subjected to our conscious (analytical) awareness, they begin to dissipate, leaving us free to pursue our goals without an underlying subconscious fear of things going wrong. Once these destructive beliefs are dissipated, we can re-program our mind with new ideas and images of success.

As you proceed with this form of commitment, you will begin to find energy you didn't realise you had before - energy that is released from old conflicts and negative beliefs. And you can automatically begin to experience success that seems to demand very little effort because of your improved energy and vitality. You may find your movement towards your goals feel like the most natural thing in the world, and that is because it is the natural law of evolution.

Synchronicity: The Power of the Subconscious Mind.

Synchronicity is a term that nowadays is used more than the word coincidence. But I prefer the word coincidence to synchronicity because if you think carefully about what this word coincidence really means, it is not the "mere coincidence" that is often more negatively referred to, but something that coincides with something else. For instance, you may be in need of some information to complete some important task and is if by magic, a book will "leap out" at you from a shelf of hundreds of other books and it will just so happen that it is the very book that will provide the information you want. This means that your need for the information has "coincided" with you being in the correct time and the correct place to find it. This is because, as your potential develops, the awesome power of your subconscious mind has become naturally more vigilant and is guiding you towards your goals. You have created by your meditation discipline, a higher state of awareness that was not there previously.

At this point, what you need to remember is that you must act on any information or prompts from the subconscious mind (you will recognise them when they occur), otherwise you can be like the man who buys a powerful car only to have it stored in a garage to be admired and looked at from time to time. Eventually the car will become difficult to start and most of its parts will rust and seize up.


Imagination is the power to make images and it is essential to any form of self-improvement/development. This is another thing that will evolve strongly through meditative practises even if right now you feel that it is difficult to create mental images. Persistence is the key here. And for those people who say that they do not have an imagination, I will argue that they must have. You cannot make plans without an imagination, and if you cannot make plans, your life would be totally stagnant - you wouldn't have achieved anything at all. You wouldn't be able to read this for a start. No, all of us have achieved something, even if we believe it to be a complete failure - we must have imagined it in the first place!


To conclude, I would like to mention our old enemy procrastination. This is a huge barrier to success. Tomorrow never comes - well obviously, because tomorrow will never be today! And hour's time will never be now, it will always be an hour away. Later will always be later.

To generate success, you need to realise (make real) that there is only now and that is absolute truth. So to set the ball rolling towards the success you desire may involve a lot of work on your self and belief systems, so you'd better start doing it now! If you can see what is wanted and needed, take the first step towards it now. If you find afterwards you have made a mistake forgive yourself and move on. Remember that there are no certainties in life, no guarantees. If there were you would lose life's sense of adventure and vitality. If you feel your life has lost it's spark, now is the time to do something about it!

This essay is extracted from my free e-book on Self Development. If you would like to download a complete copy, visit my website and follow instructions on link near top of the page.

© Copyright Derek Ayre. 2005


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