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best car insurance

Updated on December 31, 2007

When people shop for car the main thing they look at is price. More important than price; however, is whether or not the company will try to screw you out of your money if something bad does happen to your car. After researching Consumer Reports, Googling around, and reading some trade journals, and personally dealing with insurance companies when my friends and family have filed claims here are the companies that provide the best service:

1. State Farm

Two years ago I woke up on a Saturday morning and left my apartment to go watch a baseball game with some of my friends. I went out to the spot where I had parked my car and all that I could find was some broken glass. Personally I wanted to teach those thieves a lesson about respect for others property with a a hammer, some duct tape and a rusty fish hook; but all I could do was report the car as stolen and call my insurance company.

I never got the car back (The pieces are probably spread among a dozen cars in Tijauna) but my State Farm rep was pretty cool about it, and they gave me a fair check. State Farm also ranked at the top of the Consumer Reports survey on car insurance companies, so I guess they usually know what they are doing.

2. Geico

Two of my friends have had good experiences with Geico, and Consumer reports seems to think highly of them. While I was doing research for an upcoming insurance purchase I read an article by CNN Money that said they had ranked hightest in their survey of customer satisfaction 3 years in a row. I guess low prices and good service can go together.

3. Nationwide

I attached the Nationwide superbowl commercial below because it is hilarious. If you haven't said it check it out.

I haven't ever personally dealt with Nationwide, but they ranked just below Geico and State farm on Consumer reports so they must be doing something right.

4. Liberty Mutual

This is one company you definitely want to avoid. When my mom hurt her back in a car accident a few years back (some guy didn't notice the red light or the stopped car in front of him, so he hit her rear bumper at about 40 mph) Liberty really gave her a hard time. I understand that all insurance companies are a little wary of people claiming to have back injuries, but these guys went too far. Also Consumer Reports ranked them near the bottom of their list of quality insurance companies so screw 'em!


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      topwords 8 years ago

      Thank for the content.

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      lazyguyxlt 10 years ago

      That commercial is awesome!