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Get Better Now - Bacterial Vaginosis

Updated on March 19, 2008

Where we stand today researchers and doctors have not been able to find just one simple cause that causes bacterial vaginosis. There are several different natural bacteria that live in the vagina; an imbalance in these bacteria can cause an overgrowth that leads to this infection. There are however, other causes that can contribute to bacterial vaginosis such as: douching, multiple sex partners as well as an intrauterine device for birth control.

Even though there maybe several different things that can cause bacterial vaginosis, there are still ways to try and help you to prevent it from happening, or prevent having a re-occurring episode. Bacterial vaginosis cures don't have to start by getting an infection, you can do such things as: keeping the vaginal area clean, avoid wearing tight clothing, no douching, stay away from scented toilet paper and feminine hygiene products and wipe from front to back after using the restroom.

Many women don't know that they actually have this infection, more often then not, there are not any symptoms at all, but that doesn't mean there are not any symptoms ever. These symptoms can include a fish like odor that is more prominent after sexual intercourse, a vaginal discharge that can be milky white in color, or even yellow or a gray like color. Other symptoms can also include, itchiness, burning when you urinate and the area in or around the vagina may be sore to the touch.

This type of infection is actually an inflammation of the vagina. It's usually happens when the natural bacteria that lives in the vagina begins to over grow. There are a few different symptoms that can occur, such as a fish like odor which is more powerful after sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge that maybe milky white, yellow or even a gray color.

Other symptoms can also include itchiness, burning when you urinate as well as the area in or around the vagina may also be tender to the touch. Often confused with a yeast infection as well as trichomoniasis, and it is most common in women during their child bearing age and is likely to affect 10%-64% of women in their lifetime. There are many bacterial vaginosis cures that are available to provide relief.

It was noted that women who have this infection are pregnant and have a higher risk of delivering a premature baby, an infection of the amniotic fluid and infection of the uterus after childbirth. Screening and treatment is recommended for women who have a history of premature birth.


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    • profile image

      onestoptreatment 9 years ago

      the information provided is necessary and appreciated. Thank You

    • abaler profile image

      abaler 9 years ago

      Appreciate the good info on this very personal and painful subject...straight-forward help here, thanks for putting togather this page!

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      kjsecond 9 years ago

      Great hub, the information is very helpful!

    • catzillaz profile image

      catzillaz 9 years ago

      Very useful info - been looking all over the place for something like this :o)

    • lesleyk1 profile image

      lesleyk1 9 years ago from Australia

      WOw. A subject every woman should read about. Thanks for the great information.

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      DebbieL 9 years ago

      It's probably not easy writing about a not so "popular " subject. Nevertheless the information provided is necessary and appreciated. Thank You

    • PotatoHeadHarvey profile image

      PotatoHeadHarvey 9 years ago from Spokane

      I was helping my wife find info online about BV. This was helpful and I'm passing this along to her. Thank you very much!

    • profile image

      vyking 9 years ago

      My daughter has a problem with recuring yeast infections. I'm going to let her know about this post as she would like another oppinion. Her Dr. doesn't seem to have a solution

    • profile image

      getaway 365 9 years ago

      Its so hard to find solid info like this about this subject! Thanks for putting it together.

    • badback profile image

      badback 9 years ago from United States

      I am so glad I am not a woman!

    • SleepMagic profile image

      SleepMagic 9 years ago

      I just heard a report on the radio today that this can lead further complecations if not treated. I will be sure to tell my wife.

    • boulderchick profile image

      boulderchick 9 years ago from Boulder, CO

      I don't even remember my doctor mentioning some of the potential risks that you talked about at the end of the article. It's one thing to have proper hygiene and comfort, but really becomes something to take care of immediately when you realize how serious some of the risks can be.

    • jeffwend profile image

      jeffwend 9 years ago from Michigan

      A good friend suffers from BV. I emailed her this hubpage. Thanks for the great info!

    • Dog-Trainer profile image

      Dog-Trainer 9 years ago

      Good information! My sister-in-law has been looking for help and this is very informative.

    • stevelast profile image

      stevelast 9 years ago

      Do you know if Femanol is recommended? Should it be taken on a regular basis to stop the recurrence, and also we think there may be yeast infection.

    • Smiley1 profile image

      Smiley1 9 years ago

    • wholesalesupplier profile image

      wholesalesupplier 9 years ago

      This is an issue with me and my partner and I am so fortunate to have come accross your topic on this not publicly addressed issue..


    • erica2414 profile image

      erica2414 9 years ago

      Thanks for taking the time to write about something that not too many people are even willing to talk about. It's funny how we can be squeamish about some things. Great info, will bookmark... ya never know when you'll need this kind of info.

    • mastercleanse profile image

      mastercleanse 9 years ago

      Thanks for sharing info on a not-so-pleasant subject

    • beauty secrets profile image

      beauty secrets 9 years ago from San Diego

      My best friens suffers quite badly with BV so I'll send her this hub. Many thanks