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Car Speakers

Updated on December 25, 2008

Car Speakers

To produce high quality sounds it is always necessary that your car is equipped with the best speaker system. And in fact, the speakers are probably the most important addition to your car’s audio system. They are available in many different types, shapes, sizes and other technical specification.

While a single speaker can obviously produce sounds in a car, it is not recommended if you need a high quality sound system. The problem becomes clear when you consider the fact that a single large speaker will have difficulty in reproducing sounds of low frequency and a single small speaker will not be able to reproduce sounds of high frequency efficiently.

The majority of times if you inspect a speaker system in a car you will be quick to notice that there are different shapes and sizes of speakers present. Most often the system is composed of tweeters, woofers and the midrange.

The tweeters are small, light speakers responsible for reproducing sounds of high frequency. They respond very fast and require very little power for reproducing sounds. Woofers on the other hand, are the large speakers responsible for reproducing high frequency sounds and require a great amount of power. The midrange speakers reproduce sounds that are of frequencies between the tweeters and woofers.

In addition to these, there are also horns, mid bases and subwoofers to augment the main set listed above. The horns provide a sort of direction to the sounds being reproduced and have a very high efficiency. When horns are added to a speaker system, it is not necessary that you include the tweeters because they play both “mids” and “highs”.

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Car Speakers

Mid base speakers are usually found in a three way setup with a tweeter and a midrange. They are specifically designed to reproduce sounds lower in frequency. You can usually find these in 5, 6, and 8 inches often times mounted in the doors of a car. The next set of speakers is the subwoofer. They are normally found enclosed in a box add lower frequencies to the speaker system.

With the rapid increase in technology speakers are now made with two or more speakers built into the same unit. These are called Coaxials. They are easily installed into a car and cost little when compared to buying tweeters, woofers or midrange speakers separately. There is also a system comprising of a woofer and a tweeter alone (most times), better known as “Separates”. You can find the woofer mounted in the doors or kick panel of most cars and the tweeters can be found mounted in different locations.

In terms of speaker size and shapes, there are numerous sizes ranging from 1 inch all the way to 18 inch and even bigger, but shapes are most times round or oval.

Round speakers will sound superior when compared to oval shaped speakers. This is because the cone of round speakers is more rigid and will not be as likely to distort at high levels when compared to speakers with oval shaped cones. The reason why oval shaped speakers were implemented was because of the space considerations made by manufacturers in the rear deck.

Nevertheless, there are advantages of cone speakers, e.g. more bass can be produced by a 6x9 oval shaped speaker than can be produced by a 6 inch round speaker. This is simply because the oval shaped speaker has a bigger area allowing it to move a higher volume of air thus producing more bass.

The type of speakers you select for your car will be the answer to the quality of music that your entire audio system will be capable of reproducing. It is important that you carefully select your speakers for a full, rich musical experience for your listening pleasure.


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