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Clickbank Bonus Domination

Updated on January 16, 2009

Clickbank Bonus Domination BONUS

Clickbank Bank Bonus Domination Bonus for our buyers.

You will receive:

- A fully working PRO version of Affiliate Prophet (

- A video tutorial series on Clickbank Marketing

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Offer good until Monday January 19, or before Clickbank Bonus Domination closes.



Clickbank Bonus Domination

Clickbank Bonus Domination
Clickbank Bonus Domination

Clickbank Bonus Domination - Introduction

Clickbank Bonus Domination launches on January 14, 2009. 

Clickbank Bonus Domination is a new internet marketing product from Jeff Czyzewski which helps affiliate marketers and JV partners increase their sales and commissions by showing them a tried and tested blueprint to creating relevant bonus offers for products they promote, PLUS provide a software that acts as a distribution system that ensure that all their buyers receive their bonuses. 

Clickbank Bonus Domination Review

Thanks for visiting this Clickbank Bonus Domination Review Hub!

As you may very well know, affiliate marketing is one of the biggest and most successful business models over the internet. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it simply is the process of promoting someone else's product and earning a commission each time you refer a buyer to the product.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started making money online, often because you do not need to have your own product, neither do you need to maintain inventory, you don't need to worry about accounting and billing processes and in many cases you don't need to have your own website!

In affiliate marketing there are three key elements that will help ensure your success, meaning.. help ensure you make money.

First element is traffic; you need to know how to generate the right traffic to the sales page of the product you are promoting, no traffic/visitors means no potential buyers.

Second element is your copy; a majority of successful affiliate marketers drive traffic to their own landing pages rather than sending the traffic direcltly to the product sales page, and this does have certain advantages and gives you more control on these visitors, and one of the biggest advantages is you can get their email addresses to build your mailing list. But, successfully getting their email addresses or getting them to opt in to your list or getting them to subscribe to you or get your report.. largely depends on your landing page copy.

Third element; you might have a ton of traffic, landing on a well written landing page which could be a squeeze page or opt-in page, and chances are you might have a good opt-in percentage... but why is it that your sales are so low?

Well, the answer is this... the people who are visiting your page and who even opt in to your list, might be buying the product you are promoting from another marketer simply because that marketer is offering additional free items or bonuses, and you aren't.. well you might be also offering some added bonus but to your visitor/potential buyer, the bonus you are offering is not as attractive compared to those of your competitors.

And I learned this the hard way, I once promoted a product and ranked number 1 for the product brand name, over and above that, I had about 4 other sites on the first page of Google... so think about it.. I had 5 spots on Google including the main page, but I only made a handful of sales.

The reason? My bonuses were substandard compared to the bonuses offered by the other affiliates promoting the product.

Clickbank Bonus Domination solves this problem for you.


Here are the two simple componenets behind Clickbank Bonus Domination.

Component 1

Clickbank Bonus Domination Component 1 provides you with a method to follow for creating high value, relevant bonuses that will convince your visitors to buy the product from your link. The blueprint covers several important concepts of what goes into making a good bonus in addition to demonstrating how to create killer bonus content for any product.

The key here is relevancy, create a bonus that would complement or act as an aggregator or catalyst that helps improve results as a result of using the product you sell.

To illustrate, if you are selling a PPC course, you can add as a bonus maybe a course or a lesson on properly tracking keywords that convert, or you can offer a software that does this.. simply because effective PPC is a result of constant tracking and testing, and you save more money and make more sales by knowing which keywords convert, putting more money on these and getting rid of the keywords that don't convert.

It should be something relevant to the product, or at least something that will be of value to the buyer of the product. 

Component 2

Clickbank Bonus Domination Component 2 provides you with a Clickbank Bonus Distribution System, a powerful piece of software that not only automates the entire process of delivering bonuses to buyers from your link the very moment they buy, but it also puts your new affiliate customers in your autoresponder sequences.

One problem with affiliate marketing is that, after you have released your bonuses to the buyer, the buyer later cancels or asks for a refund, and they already have your bonus product which you can no longer get back.

To solve this, Clickbank Bonus Domination has created a system that will control access to bonuses if a return is made; it can also indicate bonus offers that expire after a specific time.  Over and above that, the software allows you to customize the distribution website to your liking.

As you may realize now, there isn't a product like Clickbank Bonus Domination out in the market today

Look out for Clickbank Bonus Domination, launching on January 14, 2009. 

Clickbank Bonus Domination Shout Out!

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