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Popular Cobra CB Radios

Updated on July 8, 2008

Cobra CB Radios are the most popular CB radios in the United States. Cobra offers a number of models and features, making it easy to find the right CB radio for your particular needs. This Hub focuses on a handful of the most popular Cobra CB radios and discusses their features and common vehicle applications.

Cobra 29 LTD Series

Cobra 29 LTD Series
Cobra 29 LTD Series

Very popular with professional drivers, the Cobra 29 LTD series of Cobra CB Radios is quite possibly the most popular CB on the market today and has been very successful throughout the last 40 years. The radio’s success is a result of its full feature set, quality build and reasonable price point.

The Cobra 29 LTD Series includes nearly all popular CB features including RF gain, PA capabilities, SNB, instant channel access, an extra long microphone cord, a standard two-year warranty as well as many other features. It also includes exclusive SoundTracker technology which, Cobra claims, reduces static noise by up to 90%. The Cobra 29 LTD series also includes models that feature Nightwatch, a feature which illuminates the display for easy use in the dark, as well as a model with real-time NOAA weather alerts. Cobra also recently released a Bluetooth enabled version of the radio which allows users to make and receive cell phone calls through the CB radio’s interface.

Primary Users: The Cobra 29 LTD Series is very popular with professional and semi-truck drivers. It is also popular with other vehicle owners who want a full featured CB radio and have ample mounting room.

Cobra 25 LTD Series

Cobra 25 LTD Series
Cobra 25 LTD Series

As the Cobra 29’s little brother, the Cobra 25 LTD series is, as expected, smaller and less feature packed. The 25 LTD series has many of the feature of the 29 series but notably lacks a SWR meter, antenna warning light and the delta tune feature. It’s smaller size is often seen as a benefit by those who like many aspects of the Cobra 29, but need a smaller CB radio. The Cobra 25 Series offers Cobra’s exclusive SoundTracker technology and includes models that feature Nightwatch and NOAA weather updates.

Primary Users: The radio is popular with professional drivers as well as other vehicle owners who want many of the features found on the Cobra 29 in a smaller package.

Cobra 75 WX ST

Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio
Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio

The Cobra 75 WX ST is unique in the fact that the entire CB radio is contained in the microphone handset. This makes the radio extremely appealing to users with significant space constraints or those unable to mount a standard size CB in their vehicle. The radio utilizes a small mounting box that can be tucked out-of-view for a clean and professional installation.

Despite its small size, the Cobra 75 includes a number of features. The CB includes Cobra’s exclusive SoundTracker technology, NOAA weather updates, dual channel monitoring, a backlit LCD display and an extended two-year warranty. The Cobra 75 WX ST radio is one of the most popular Cobra models sold due to its compact size and feature set.

Primary Users: The Cobra 75 WX ST is extremely popular with Jeep and Off-road vehicle owners as it fits well in smaller vehicle cabs. The radio is also popular with those who don't have space to mount a full sized CB in their vehicle.

Cobra 148 GTL

Cobra 148 GTL CB Radio
Cobra 148 GTL CB Radio

The Cobra 148 GTL is well known by serious CB operators and is regarded as somewhat of a CB classic. Many owners rave about the radio's quality and longevity and you’ll frequently hear of owners using them consistently for 25+ years without issue. The Cobra 148 GTL is similar to the Cobra 29 LTD series with one major distinction; the 148 GTL features Single Side Band (SSB) operations.

Single Side Band (SSB) is a feature that allows the operator to utilize the frequencies above and below the primary carrier channel to communicate. Without getting too technical, SSB has a few notable advantages: It allows the operator to utilize 80 channels in addition to the standard 40 CB channels. More importantly, SSB broadcasts with 12 watts of power allowing for an effective transmission range three times as far as a standard 4 watt CB radio. While this increased power and range is a very attractive, someone with a SSB radio on the other end of the transmission is necessary to receive a SSB signal; standard CB radios can't decipher SSB transmissions. Luckily, SSB radios are able to transmit in standard CB mode as well as in SSB mode, providing the ultimate in flexibility and transmission range.

Primary Users: Professional drivers, serious hobbyists and those who need more than 4 watts of transmission power from a standard CB radio.

Cobra 19 DX IV

Cobra 19 DX IV
Cobra 19 DX IV

The Cobra 19 DX IV is the perfect solution for those who need no-frill CB operations at a low price. While the Cobra 19 doesn’t include features found in more expensive models, it offers reliable CB communications in a compact package. Despite it’s low price point, this unit offers features such as PA operations, RF gain and a two-year warranty. Additionally, its extremely compact size makes it ideal for those who need a standard CB radio but don’t have the cab room or budget for the larger, more expensive models.

Primary Users: Individuals needing basic CB functionality without all the bells and whistles and those on a budget. Commonly used in cars, vans and pickups.


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