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When you select your Computer and Internet service provider

Updated on March 31, 2008

It is not easy to decide on the Brand and configuration !

Buying a Computer, specially for a senior person like me, has never been easy.

Younger members will advise you by the tons. You have to sift through the same to understand your need and match the configuration and the budget to the same.

A few thoughts I share with you in this matter, which may be useful to you :

  • First decision is : will you buy a Laptop or a Desktop?Laptop is light and portable.But, if you use a computer in non-airconditioned environment and for long hours, Desktop computer offers a sturdier alternative , because , it has a bigger cooling fan.
  • Desktop computer can be more easily upgraded .
  • But, if you love to sit and work in a garden or a balcony , you must own a Laptop.
  • Before you choose a Brand , please check if you will get good service during the Warranty period.Beyond that, you can select your local maintenace service provider.
  • Buy a HDD with higher speed, a RAM size at least equal to 1 GB for faster processing, specially if your interest is in photogrphy or some form of visual arts.
  • AMD processor is more affordable.This product earlier had a problem with their cooling fan, but , now-a-days, I heard that the problem has been resolved.I am using an AMD set for nearly 3 years without trouble.

  • When you select a cabinet, please check for working USB ports on the front face of the cabinet.
  • Decide about important add-ons like a Printer-cum-Scanner, a Head-set with Microphone,specially if you are in Internet telephony, a small 1X4 USB jack, a very good Keyboard and Optical mouse.
  • Please remember that selection of the right Internet connection is very important.The technology is improving. Istill remember the difficult pre-Broadband days . But, apart from a handful big and advanced cities in India, the trouble is far from over. The connection is often unstable and billing is not transparent.
  • If you want to work in your garden or rooftop, then having a wireless modem is important , because other methods are available , but costlier.


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