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Updated on May 1, 2008

Why a Deadly Healthcare Hub is So Necessary

What "Deadly Healthcare" is About and Aims to Accomplish

by Creativita

As a healthcare professional, as well as a published professional medical-writer, I feel it's my ethical duty to inform unsuspecting patients of the dangers and pitfalls of medical, nursing, surgical, psychiatric, hospital, nursing home, clinic, school health, middle-men health insurers, and prescription pharmaceutical company practices these days that endanger patients' physical and emotional health and well-being.

I am appalled by all the egregious "errors," "incidents" and "fatalities" that never should have occurred had proper medical, nursing, and hospital protocol been followed and known standards of care been adhered to.

Therefore, I dedicate this HubPage as a Patient Advocacy Site which will explain various medical problems as they arise from various venues all over the country. My intent is to describe a particular illness or injury; discuss the appropriate treatment(s) that should have ensued upon diagnosis; and report on contravening events and treatments that amount to medical malpractice, medical negligence, nursing malpractice, nursing negligence, nursing home negligence, hospital negligence, pharmacist malpractice, and on product liability for prescription drugs and medical devices.

As such, these pages will feature gaping holes and defects in our healthcare delivery system that too often makes patients sicker than when they presented to a doctor or hospital, in the first place; and, also too often, jeopardizes their health so badly as to kill them...or too often ignores basic psychiatric principles so egregiosly as to not protect them from suicide.


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