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Dented Cans Save Money!

Updated on October 6, 2008

A new way to save on groceries

Let's state the obvious, grocery prices are getting out of control. The big supermarket chains aren't helping much, sure they put things on "sale" to draw you in and while you're there you load up on all the non-sale items you need. Coupons are nice, but you can't rely on them. So what is the average consumer to do? Scratch and dent stores.

I know what you're thinking, "Dented cans?!?!?! Are you crazy that will make you sick!" The truth is only popped cans will make you sick. There are many reputable stores out there that check their products daily. Most can's have slight imperfections that have not hurt the structural integrity of the can. Most scratch and dent stores carry much more than cans . Cereal boxes and etc get damaged as well. Most stores price these items well below the store sale prices. It's really fun finding crazy bargains on things you actually need.

Here's an example:

Slim Jims: 4/$1.00

Cereal bars: $1.00

Wise potato chips:$1.00

Clairol Hair Dye: $2.50

With prices like those it's worth finding a local store so you can find treasures of your own!

The local tv station did story on one in citrus county florida .


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    • JusRobin profile image

      JusRobin 9 years ago from Virginia

      Never thought about it this way, I will definitely pay closer attention from now and shop those dents LOL Nice HUB!