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Eat What You Like and Look Slim

Updated on March 8, 2013

The EAT-WHAT-YOU-LIKE Slimming Programme

Wow! Did you get that right? Can you really eat what you like and get slim? Of course you can!!! All it requires is an analysis of your likes and dislikes and some wise replacement and letting go of some food for the present till you reach your desired weight. Simple isn't it?

Read on for tips on the EWYL Slimming programme and follow them religiously and watch your weight after three months! You will start receiving positive feedback from friends much before that!

  1. Watch what you eat for a week: For a week consciously make a record of whatever goes into your mouth including a glass of water. Anything. This is to help you to understand your need in terms of quantity of food. Make a record of the calories consumed and the number of servings, etc. Unless you know where you are now - you won't know the way to where you want to reach.
  2. Watch when you eat: Do you eat when you are stressed? Do you eat when you are watching TV? Do you eat whenever you see food? This activity helps you to understand the times you are most hungry and times when you are not so hungry but eat anyway. For instance, if you always ate heavy fat-filled food when you just came back from work hungry - then it is easy to stall that ravenous hunger by having a fruit or two on your way home.
  3. Observe your moods when you eat: Is it guilt that makes you binge? Are you happy when you eat? Do you eat when you are depressed? What do you eat when you are feeling low? Moods and emotions play an important role in diet control. Most of the times we eat not when hungry but to satisfy other emotional cravings. Once we realise this it is easy to treat and control. For example if you can recognise that you eat when you are stressed - you can replace eating with an activity - like listening to your favourite music.
  4. Understand your food: You need carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, minerals and water to lead a healthy life. Understand where these come from; balance your food on a weekly basis not a daily basis. For a reducing diet - if you eat nuts and a small helping of butter everyday - you could completely eliminate fats as they come along with the other foodstuff that you consume.
  5. Make a list of your favourite foods: Yes this is the best part - Make a list of your favourite foods and analyse them for (i) What is the main constituent? - Carbohydrates? Proteins? (ii) Calorie content per serving or per unit. (iii) Ingredients - strawberries, chocolate, coffee, etc
  6. Sort the list into low-fat natural foods and high fat junk foods: Now stock your food with the low fat healthy foods that you love. Enjoy it. For instance - I love certain fruits. I stock my fridge with the stuff and eat them whenever I like. I love boiled potatoes with coriander chutney. It is a good filling energy snack.
  7. Surround yourself with food that you love to eat: And remove all fatty unhealthy foods from your sight and mind. You need to do this at least till you gain sufficient control of yourself which would take about a month or so. Surround yourself with things that you like to eat. Choose foods that are healthy, unprocessed, natural, having natural sources of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  8. Surprise your system: Do not let your body guess your diet pattern - you can easily slip into a plateau. Have more proteins one day, more carbs another, and all fruit diet on another. You could use a dice to select what your day is going to be like. So it could something like two servings of lentils and one serving of rice if it is a protein day and the reverse - two servings of rice and one serving of lentils if it is a carb day. That way your body does not store food thinking that it is going to be starved.
  9. Sweeteners, diet coke and fat-free products: I don't recommend these at all. But if it is absolutely difficult to stay away from coke or sweet coffee or tea, then I would allow this for just the first two or three weeks - on a restricted basis. Which means that just because they are low sugar doesn't mean you can have as many as you like. Restrict yourself to a reasonable amount and stick to it. Slowly the urge will go away and you can wean yourself away from it. And if you must have a coke - have a regular coke by all means - treat yourself to one when you have lost a pound!!
  10. Never, ever remain hungry: This gives wrong signals to the body and it starts storing the fats in the body. Always keep your stomach half-full. This will keep you away from binging. Keep fruits and low-fat high energy snacks handy and snack often than eat three full meals a day. This helps in increasing your body metabolism and loses weight faster.
  11. Nuts are good for you: Have groundnuts, walnuts, almonds, and whatever nuts you have in your place. They contain good fats which give your skin nourishment and prevent that haggard look when losing weight. Make it a habit to have a small handful every day.
  12. Eat half of what you normally eat: For a reducing diet, it is a good idea to eat just half of what you would normally eat and fill the rest with fruit or vegetable salad. It is an excellent idea to start every meal with an apple or two if you can. I did that. I just halved my food intake and replaced with apples. They provide you with excellent fibre and fill you up. A trick while going out for dinner is to have two apples before you leave. That will help you make wise choices at the restaurant. Poor choices are a result of a hungry stomach.
  13. Add movement to your life: Moving your body often in any way you like will double your speed of weight loss and provide the balance that the body requires. For more on adding movement to your life visit my hub at
  14. No guilt trips: If you have binged stop feeling guilty. You enjoyed what you ate so be happy and continue on your diet programme. Guilt leads you to give up on your diet and start binging. Just continue - walk a little more, dance more, play with your kids and generally bring movement and life to your existence. That will make up for the extra food.
  15. Enjoy your food: Have your food in stylish plates, good looking glasses, and in generally a good atmosphere. Sit on a table and relish your food. Avoid eating while watching TV, while reading, while travelling, etc. Make a place to enjoy your meal. Garnish your salad, or whatever it is that you eat and appeal to all your sense organs, the look, the aroma, the feel, the taste etc. That way you will stick on to your diet for a longer time.
  16. Water water water: 70% of our body is made up of water. Have at least two litres of water each day. Keep a bottle of water near your workplace or desk and fill up as and when required. Continue this habit even after you have reached your goal. Water is good for the skin, the bowels, generally the whole digestive system.
  17. Have a great positive attitude to life: Don't spend all your time and energies worrying about how many calories you have eaten and how many grams you have lost. Weigh yourself just once a week and don't lose hope if you haven't lost weight the first month. The body has a tendency to lose inches before losing weight. Have fun and enjoy whatever you do. The feeling and the realisation that you are leading a great life will keep you going on for ever.... Wish you all the best!


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