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enema cleansing

Updated on October 3, 2007

The Basics of Enema Cleansing

Knowing that some people have up to forty pounds of dried waste matter caked inside their colons might make you want to undergo any procedure necessary to clean your colon completely. Your best bet for a quick, complete colon cleanse is the colon irrigation, or enema cleansing.

Colon irrigation is a procedure in which a licensed professional infuses warm, purified water into the colon using a tube. The colon is then massaged so that left over, dried waste matter is loosed and can be washed out. Unlike an enema, the operator has control over the infusion of the water as well as the removal of the water and the waste matter. In this procedure, there is no smell or uncomfortable feeling for the patient as there often is in enema use.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to this procedure of colon irrigation. Some of the benefits include, obviously, the quick and easy relief of constipation and its associated pain and bloating. In fact, many doctors may use colon irrigation as a way to remove a fecal impaction, or a dried mass of stool that the bowels can not move out on their own.

Another benefit of colon irrigation is that it works with the body's natural mechanism. For instance, unlike some forms of constipation relief, colon irrigation works with the peristaltic movements of the colon. These peristaltic movements are waves of muscle contractions that are responsible for moving stool through the colon. Other means of constipation relief do not work with the body's natural makeup. For instance, chemical laxatives actually encourage the muscles in the colon to relax so the softened waste products can slide through. While it is not dangerous to use chemical laxatives occasionally, your body can become dependant on these laxatives if you use them regularly. After using laxatives for long periods of time, you find you must take laxatives to produce a bowel movement.

When a colon irrigation is performed by a licensed, trained professional it is a relatively safe procedure that is generally free from unpleasant side effects. If you have any questions about whether or not your therapist has the correct credentials, ask to see them. Your therapist should have a degree from a Colonic Hydrotherapy training college.

If you choose to have your colon irrigation done by someone not correctly trained, you run the risk of contracting an infection or even suffering a colon perforation. You can get an infection if your therapist uses dirty or unsanitary equipment. Colon perforation, or a tear in the colon, can result in life threatening abdominal infections if they are not treated in a proper timely manner.

If you suffer from serious constipation or if you just want your colon cleaned out quickly, you might look into having a colon irrigation. If administered properly, these irrigations are safe procedures. Don't be afraid to ask if your therapist has the correct credentials before they start the procedure. It can save you a dangerous infection or painful perforation.

Inside Your Colon


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    • profile image

      Josh 9 years ago

      Not everyone can get a colon irrigation, but everyone nowadaya NEEDS a colon cleanse. Taking Colosan, OxyPowder or Nature's Biotics can also help.