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Not a Pyramid Scheme - Fertile Crescent Marketing

Updated on March 30, 2008

Fertile Crescent Marketing Map

Get Rich like Babylon

We've all heard of the legendary wealth of Babylon. The Babylonians acquired so much wealth that they invoked the wrath of God. That's a lot of money! Now, you can learn the same strategy that the Babylonians used and you'll be rich enough to anger the Lord too!

It's so simple, the Babylonians were doing it millenia ago.

How does it work?

The Babylonians relied on their unique position at a point where the Tigris and Euphrates almost met. This location at a crucial point in both rivers allowed them to trade to the towns downriver.

The Babylonians had many many goods to sell, but they didn't have time to visit ALL the towns downriver. Due to this time constraint, they had to trade a huge amount of goods to the two closest neighbors. Those towns ended up trading with their nearest downstream neighbors too because they had a huge surplus that Babylon was willing to sell.

Being shrewd marketing gurus, the Babylonians made the towns downriver promise to share all revenue from downstream trading.

The Ziggurat Scheme at Work

All the Babylonians had to do was sell goods and advertising space to the two towns directly downriver from them with the understanding that any money those two towns made trading downriver would be shared with their bosses, the Babylonians.

So Babylon trades with the towns downstream. Each of those towns deals with two towns downstream and shares the revenue. Those four towns each trade downstream and share revenue which tricles all the way back up to Babylon.

This is not a pyramid scheme

So these towns keep trading and trading all the way down the Fertile Crescent rivers. The towns at the end only make enough money to get by, but they can't complain because the Babylonians were the ones creating these goods in the first place. Since nobody would have any manna without the Babylonians, folks don't mind sending a couple shekels up the chain, and a fraction of each of those silver coins ends up going all the way back to Babylon so that they can build a really big tower.

Some people look at the trade diagrams I've posted and say, "This looks like a pyramid scheme." Those people are fools; pyramids were built in Egypt. This is Mesopotamian marketing. If anything, it is a ziggurat scheme. So please don't be silly and say this is an illegal pyramid scheme.

Still works today

You might think that it's the 21st Century and that's no place for using scrolls of ancient wisdom uncovered by my explorers. But your fears are unfounded. Fertile Crescent marketing is capitalizing on Absolute laws that people still use today. Every realtor knows the saying that the three most important qualities in a property are "Location, location, and location". That is what the Babylonians knew and exploited.

As long as rivers flow and people downstream are willing to sign up to share revenue, ziggurat marketing will prevail. As a matter of fact, I'm ziggurat marketing right now. Google is like Babylon. Hubpages displays Google ads and gets a portion of the revenue that Google made with those ads. And I made this content so Hubpages shares their revenue with me. If you make a hub that links to mine, you get credit for creating that traffic and get a cut of the profits too. And so on down the river my friend. You were ziggurat marketing the whole time you've been reading this!

Now it's time to learn how to move upstream and start making the real shekels. Join hubpages today and you can be your own Babylon.


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    • profile image

      david 9 years ago

      i am fat

    • mroconnell profile image

      mroconnell 9 years ago from France

      Precisely. It's nice to see such erudition grace my hub.

    • profile image

      Alexis 9 years ago

      Good point. The term "pyramid scheme" is a misnomer. It should be "Mesopotamian" or "ziggurat" scheme instead.After all the Egyptians build pyramids from very large stonesThey didn't ship them anywhere, they were too big.

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 9 years ago from Portugal

      You are really the best! How can some one thought they were trying to make "pyramid scheme". Everybody knows only Egyptians did it LOL.