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flowers for sachets dream pillows and poppets

Updated on November 5, 2011

ASTER Purpose: Love Herbal Code: beginnings Planet: Venus Day: Friday

BACHELOR'S BUTTON Purpose: Love Herbal Code: Hope & Solitude Planet: Jupiter Day: Thursday

BIRD OF PARIDISE Purpose: Love Herbal Code: Strange & Wonderful Event Planet: Mars Day: Thursday

BUTTERCUP Purpose: Love & Healing Herbal Code: Child like Planet: Moon Day: Monday

CHRYSANTHEMUM Purpose: Protection Herbal Code: Truth (white); Slighted Love (yellow) Planet: Sun Day: Sunday

CROCUS Purpose: Love & Visions Herbal Code: Do not Abuse Planet: Venus Day: Friday

DAFFODIL Purpose: Love & Luck Herbal Code: Chivalry Planet: Venus Day: Friday

DAISY Purpose: Love Herbal Code: Innocence Planet: Venus Day: Friday

DOGWOOD Purpose: Protection & Wishes Herbal Code: Endurance Planet: Moon Day: Monday

FORGET-ME-NOT Purpose: Love & memory Herbal Code: Rememberance Planet: Mercury Day: Wednesday

GARDENIA Purpose: Love, peace, healing, spirituality Herbal Code: Grace Planet: Moon Day: Monday

HEATHER Purpose: Love, protection, luck, rain making Herbal Code: Passion (red); Protection from passionate acts (white) Planet: Venus Day: Friday

HONEYSUCKLE Purpose: Love, money, psychic, power, protection Herbal Code: Captivating Love Planet: Jupiter Day: Thursday

HYACINTH Purpose: :pve, protection, happiness Herbal Code: Flirting Planet: Venus Day: Friday IRIS Purpose: Purification, wisdom Herbal Code: Messages Planet: Mercury Day: Wednesday

JASMINE Purpose: Love, money, prophetic dreams Herbal Code: Good luck Planet: Moon Day: Monday

LAVENDER Purpose: Love, protection, sleep, longevity, purification, peace, happiness Herbal Code: I don't trust you Planet: Mercury Day: Wednesday

LILAC Purpose: Banishing, Protection Herbal Code: Love's first crush Planet: Venus Day: Friday

LILY Purpose: Protection, breaking love spells Herbal Code: Inocense & purity Planet: Moon Day: Monday {Banishing on Saturday}

MAGNOLIA Purpose: Love, fidelity Herbal Code: dignity Planet: Venus Day: Friday

ORCHID Purpose: Love Herbal Code: Ecstasy Planet: Venus Day: Friday

PEONY Purpose: Protection & Banishing Herbal Code: Secrets, shyness, prosperous Planet: Sun Day: Sunday {Banishing on Sat.}

ROSE Purpose: Love, psychic powers, healing, love divination, luck, protection Herbal Code: Jealousy (yellow); Love (red); Silence (white) Planet: Venus Day: Friday

ROSEMARY Purpose: Love, protection, mental powers, banishing, purification, healing, sleep, youth Herbal Code: Rememberance Planet: Sun Day: Sunday

SUNFLOWER Purpose: Wishes, health, wisdom, money magicks Herbal Code: Power Planet: Sun Day: Sunday

SWEET PEA Purpose: Friendship, courage, strength Herbal Code: Impetuous Planet:Venus Day: Friday

TULIP Purpose: Love, prosperity, protection Herbal Code: Declaration of love Planet: Venus Day: Friday

VIOLET Purpose: Love, lck, wishes, peace, healing, protection Herbal Code: Faithfulness Planet: Venus Day: Friday

WISTERIA Purpose: Mental clarity Herbal Code: I cling to thee Planet: Mercury Day: Wednesday


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