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Google steps up for Obama

Updated on October 21, 2008

(Schmidt-Google CEO)The future requires computer knowledge

iting Senator McCain who is in a heated race for the presidency, Google came up with a surprise announcement with only two weeks remaining before the election. What is more surprising is McCain's self admission that he is computer illiterate, Erick Schmidt, Google CEO, came out today endorsing Senator barrack Obama for the presidency , stating that " computer literacy is the wave of the future."

Without a doubt, the computer has changed society all over the world. Some are taking advantage of the computer and the ignorant who cannot or will not grasp its essential capabilities to plot military movements, to run terrorist cells and to communicate with compatriots anywhere in the world. The U.S. is consistently trying to keep up with some of the scariest groups who have learned how to hack into business, government, and personal computers to create mischief, steal identities, to scam the unwary, and manipulate in anyway they can to their advantage momentarily.

Other concerns about McCainare his advanced age, several bouts with cancer, his judgment in selecting a candidate for vice president who has already indicated she knows practically nothing about practically anything. McCain clearly supports his mentor, President George Bush who has shown a remarkable lack of ability to manage anything, but has some of the most grandiose objectives of any president, including Richard Nixon.

McCain has managed to bring race into the election, encouraging racism and inciting violent people to action in some places where he has spoken.

Obama is a candidate who has proven himself worthy of the highest office in the land by keeping his cool and answering McCain's arrogant attacks with restraint and patience. McCain looks like he is laughing at Obama, which doesn't look good. The writer can picture McCain dividing the country as it has been divided since George Bush took office.

McCain is an old man with old ideas who would leave this country in a real dilemma if something were to happen to him in office. Was he thinking of only this election by picking Palin? There is also some real fear that his party will somehow manipulate the vote in key states by removing otherwise eligible voters from the voter lists that favor the opposition.

Are we becoming a nation of anti-intellectuals, proud of our institutions of higher learning, but afraid their graduates cannot govern? McCain raised the issue that Obama is an elitist. Then in a rally bragged his mother bought a car to tour Europe when the agency wouldn't rent her a car because of her advanced years.

He is the son of wealth and privilege, never having had to fix his plumbing, paint his house, or drive a car on its last legs Everything he owns is inherited or gifted by wealthy family or the massive wealth he married into.

The government paid for his education and a substantial retirement package includes free health care for life. If that isn't enough elitism, he draws a beautiful salary from the senate, free office, staff and supplies, parking, and a summer vacation. His health care is free from the senate. Haircuts are obtained at a reduced rate. In short, he liveslike royalty. He supports further tax cuts for the wealthy(he and his wife). He talks of supporting the troops but went along with cuts at the VA that would help wounded veterans.

He knows Obama wants to make personal taxes more fair for the poor and the middle class. The wealthy few enjoy public welfare through favored taxation, while the poor pay far more in proportion to their wages. A reluctant congress increased the minimum wage by a buck and a half, after no increases for 7 years. Not even pocketchange for a senator, whose only requirement for office is to talk out of two sides of his head and ;pretend he is for the "little guy like Joe Plumber." A sincere politician would have introduced legislation years ago to force a fair redistribution of income taxes paid.

McCain calls this re-distribution of the wealth but doesn't explain it fully. He meant changing the tax rate to get the rich to pay their share. Half truths and outright lies reflect poorly on a supposed officer and gentleman. The writer knew the academy had slipped some but not this far. His party never steps up to correct lies. They allowed a Richard Nixon and they allowed a George Bush and fought tooth and nail to give them everything they wanted, including dictorial powers.

Schools have failed to teach our Constitution. The same old failed policies that cost the taxpayers more and more of their salary, their phony pensions, and healthcare you could expect for working people supporting families. It all amounts to the same thing. Politicians looking out for themselves, while they have no cares about retirement, healthcare, or a substantialliving wage. They look down on Obama, while passing legislation that has guaranteed those "like him" may only go so far.

With McCain, the government will favor war over diplomacy. Oil over alternative energy, more stalling while the plantet is heading for destruction. All one need do is look at our chief ambassador who favors bombing Iran. This is strange and scary stuff coming from our chief diplomat who has never hidden his contentiousness or his stand against diplomacy.

We have no right to make war on those who disagree with us or our friends. An educated man of nobile roots you might recognize warned against foreign entanglements. His wisdom still shines, it would be well for all to read what he had to say about government. You can read his writings in the Federalist Papers. His name? George Washington, father of our country.

This country is-in danger of being overwhelmed by forces hardly understood. Yet most schools still plod along without the Internet or the computers needed to assist teachers help students learn about the complexities to be expected in the future. Perhaps if more students were given the opportunity with computers, we might not have the shortage of scientists and engineers that will continue the U.S. disadvantage against countries that emphasize vital disciplines.

In places like Japan, Taiwan and China, broadband is the standard. In the U.S., service providers are a Hodge-podge of connectivity, providing very slow connections. Broadband is still the province of the few who can afford its stiff price. National security demands that we keep up with others who wish to undermine or destroy our system of government.

The people are smarter than McCain and his ilk give them credit for. Americans are willing to sacrifice for others, for alternative energies, and tightening the belt where necessary. They want computer literate children who don't just play video games. There is so little time left. It is still not to late if we act now to restore our presidency to its former moral authority, and our multi-branch of government, once the envy of the world.

copyright 2008 , All rights reserved, King,M


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    • profile image


      10 years ago


    • solarcaptain profile imageAUTHOR

      mike king 

      10 years ago from california

      A man/woman who lies and covers up to gain public office has already betrayed the trust of those who elected him/her. It is only a matter of time before their contempt for the people shows itself. The pattern of lying continues until they leave or are driven out of office. George Herbert Walker Bush told the truth. His honor is still intact. His name will never be associated with the man who shares the same first and last name soon leaving office in disgrace. His advisors will write books, get on the lecture circuit, and serve on boards of directors. They will avoid responsibility for the muck they brought to high office, leaving one lonely and tragic figure to ponder on his destructive choices and fractured decision making. He failed but the system failed also. The supreme courlt hastily handed him the presidency amidst the rising voices whose legiitimate votes were held invalid by a partisan voter registrar. Voting machines were inaccurate.Congress was silent.

      Congress hastily gave the president power to make war against a country that had nothing to do with the attacks. the judiciary failed again by giving Bush the go ahead to torture pow's and to spy on citizens in their own country. Congress sat quiet and allowed abuses to the citizenry and to the free press continue. The press has gone partisan so that only "favored" news is now reported. Citizens who should have known better stayed silent, giving tacit approval to managed news. It's easy to sit back now and accuse the president while the whole system broke down and gave in without a murmer. That is the reaL tragedy. When partisan politics took a back seat to the needs of the country, this never would have happened. Shame on all of us.


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