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How to get the 'gothic' 'vamp' makeup look!

Updated on February 1, 2009


I'm not teasing you, promise...
I'm not teasing you, promise...

So you want to look sexy?

Okay ladies, there are many different 'classic' looks, and the vamp or siren is only one, but it is one i have found to be extreemly alluring

. I like feeling mysterious and unreachable, with there being a spark of danger around me. I have also found in my experience is that every man is drawn to the siren. Although some men like your Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Playboy look, underneath the surface, everyone wants to get their hands on a raven beauty.

I have been into alternative culture for years, and have practised extensively with makeup of all brands and costs, and have found a few golden rules (and golden products) that every siren should know about.

Face, and your base

First things first, a good skin exfolliation will help to remove any dead skin cells and reveal glowing healthy skin. This is essential for a good base, you don't want to be putting makeup on top of old dead skin do you!

After exfolliating (i advise using st ives, swiss formular for sensitive skiin) you need to moisturise your face, it's best to use a moistouriser which is right for your skin type, wether that's greasy, dry, sensitive, or 'combination'. Also, if you can use one with sunblock in it, even better still. Protection against the suns rays will not only help stop you from getting skin cancer, but it will keep you wrinkle free. I once heard a skin expert say 'look at the skin on your bottom, compared to your face, the skin on your bottom is better, because its been covered from the sun, whereas the face is always exposed to the elements'.

Once this is done your ready for a good foundation. The vamp look often involves pale skin, and this can be hard to achieve if you are not already fair skinned, hard but not impossible. Go for an ivory or porcelain, you want to achieve the china doll look. This is best applied using a cosmetic sponge, rather than your fingers. Once this is done, touch up any unsightly marks with conceiler. 


working the pale look
working the pale look

Some Highlights for Maximum Impact

Before moving on i should add, for maximum impact, you should also shape your eyebrows. Bushy and overgrown is not attractive. The best thing to do with eyebrows, is worth with what you've got. Don't try to change the shape too much, else it might end up looking wrong. Arches are sexy, you only have to look at Angelina Jolie's eyebrows to know what i'm talking about! So, if you can, create a slight arch. If you look at my profile picture you'll get an idea of what i mean. Always pluck your eyebrows after a bath or shower, when the pores are open.

You should also highlight your cheekbones, i'm really loving maybeline's blusher in a pot. I have 'dolly pink' and it lasts for agggees, you only need a tiny dab and it blends in really well. You don't want to use a blusher that is too dark, as it wont look right against the pale skin, i'd go for a very light pink, or something with light reflecting pigments. 

Eye catching

The single most important factor in this look, is the eyes! They have to be dramatic, they have to be bold, and they will be beautiful! 

I advise using a black khol pencil to outline your eyes at the bottom, colouring inside the lid and outside. Start with a little, and build it up slowly, extend the line right to the corner of your inner eye, and right to the very edge. If you look at the above picture of Dita you can see how the dark eyeliner on the bottom of her eye is slightly curved to shape her eye, it is thicker in the edges, you can try this too. I recommend using a good eyeliner, bougouis do a nice one, which is long lasting, cheap eyeliners tend to run, and that looks awful, do fork out for a good one because it will be worth it ( I'd avoid clinique black eyeliner, it looks more grey than black to me!)

I usually then use a liquid eyeliner to line the top, simply because i can be very precise with it. The best liquid eyeliner i have found is actually a cheap one, it's rimmel and comes in a triangular pot, with a really nice firm nib at the end.

 Start at the inner corner of your eye and work your way out, extending a line beyond the edge of your eye, and flick it upwards slightly, to give it that cat eye look. Again if you look at the picture of Dita you can see how her eyeliner extends beyond the end of her eyes and is curved upwards in a feline manner. 

Leave the eyeliner to dry before you go any further to avoid smudging your hard work. Make a coffee :-)

Then we need to add in a little smokey grey shading to the upper lid. I prefer to use a charcole grey rather than black or any other more vibrant colour. Only use a little and just over the eyelid, don't extend it over the whole eye socket or you'll end up looking like Frankensteins Bride!

Once this is done, it's time for your lashes. False eyelashes do work well with this look, so if your a fan of them, then feel free to add them in. I personally havn't had much look with them, they always seem to come off halfway through a drunken night, or rough gig! Not attractive!

I can't emphasise this next point enough, curl your eyelashes, it helps open up your eyes, and emphasise your lashes (even if they are really short and thin) I know some people really hate the thought of it, but get over it! It is worth it, i promise you. I use the traditional metal curlers, as i don't find heated ones work as well, (in my experience anyway) Make sure both eyes are well curled (be carefull while doing this, don't walk around and don't sneeze!)

Now mascara time, another important part of this look. You need a good thickening, volumising mascara, for big impact lashes. I have a habit of using two mascaras, one with a fine brush for lengethening and defining, then a fat brush for volume. However clinique have come up with a fabulous mascara that has both a brush and a comb on the end, so it does all in one! It's pricey but worth it! 



We have two choices here.

Either we go with nude, or we go with red. It's really that simple, and it's up to you which you'd perfer. Some people are scared by the idea of red lips, and it can make some people look a bit like a lady of the night... shall we say. So, depends on your own look, and your bravery!

Before you apply either colour, so should exfolliate your lips by brushing them lightly with an old toothbrush. Then apply some soothing lip balm.  Then pat some conceiler or foundation over them lightly, this gives them a base for the colour to be applied onto, and it helps it stop sinking into the lips, or sliding off.

First, line your lips, if your going for the nude look, them use something 'nude' in colour, something natural. Line this all around your mouth. Then add some clear gloss, preferably a volumising one, i like lip injection.

For the red lips, again you need to prepare your lips, then choose your lip liner, i would go for something close to the particular shade of red you are using, wether it is a cheery red or a deeper crimson colour. Line this carefully, wipe away any smudges (you can use a cotton bud or q tip for this) then carefully blot your colour into place. Once it is applied blot your lips on some tissue, but don't smack your lips together, or rub them together!

one sexy pout
one sexy pout

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    • Peanutritious profile image

      Tara Carbery 

      5 years ago from Cheshire, UK

      I love this glamorous look with strong eyes and lips. It's impossible not to feel like a vamp with red lippy and coquettish eyeliner. Dita is one of my style icons as is Gwen Stefani. It's all about the eyes and lips for me!

    • earnestshub profile image


      9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I like the mysterious dark look and the more mature look in blondes myself.

      Audry Hepburn was stunning and mysterious and sexy in to her later years because of those qualities.

    • St.James profile image


      9 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

      I've always been attracted to the tall, dark hair, dark eyes, cadillac red lipstick women. The Raveness beauty will always capture my interest over the "California-girl" look everytime.

    • compu-smart profile image

      Tony T 

      9 years ago from London UK

      I used to like, love the blond look, nice hair nails n shoes, and I'm now loving the dark and mysterious look soo much! In-fact pretty much like your avatar!:D

    • riotgrrrl profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Cheshire, UK

      What's your favourite brand of makeup? And if there are any guys out there who managed to make it this far in the hub (well done!) do you prefer the dark mysterious look, or the blonde baby look?



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