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handwriting mirror of personality

Updated on December 1, 2007

Many of us might have read books about understanding nature of people by deciphering the way 'They write'.

It is said that if someone writes small letters very close to one another, in his handwriting, he may be a person with constricted view about everything.

Or, if a person has big letters written quite a distance apart from each other, he is likely to be broad minded , with large hearted nature, so on and so forth.

Could it be that handwriting takes shape the way a child is brought up in his/her formative years of personality development ?

Let us say, a child who is in a house hold where wasting anything is considered a sin, may have a handwriting basically suited to use maximum part of the paper on which it is written.

Or, if a child is in a household with a fancy for splurging, may form big big letters, very well spaced , leaving lot of space on all sides of a paper.

I concede, it may not be so simple. But there must be some corelation between the build up of a child and pattern to his/her handwriting.

If you can enlighten on this , I would be more than grateful.

wishing you all great times ahead !

PS: Wherever 'he' is written about any person, it automatically means for 'she' as well.


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