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Updated on January 2, 2009

This week horoscope

ARIES 29 dec - 5 jan

With so many people out of work, you have to realize that no job is perfect. We all answer to somebody. The kid flipping burgers has a boss checking the time clock, and CEOS have to report to their stockholders. As long as you approach whatever you are doing with a healthy attitude of service, you can deal successfully. Your body is a machine that may need care and attention. Comply. While it may feel as if you’re being squeezed by the political machinations you abhor, now that the Sun and Mars are moving toward Pluto in Capricorn, you’ve got to learn to play the game if you want to keep functioning and working. You’re going to have to juggle your friendships and associations with the new positions into which you are likely to be swept. It will prove to be a challenge, mainly because your sympathies are going to be with both the unions and management, the workers and the rulers, the Democrats and the Republicans. There are so many new adventures that await you beyond the horizon. Part of you has to be eager to get going already and move on to the new territory and be introduced to the new challenges. At the moment it’s Grindstone City, which means, you have to work to stay healthy as boring or pointless as it may seem, and be healthy enough to go on working.

TAURES 29dec - 5 jan

Even though you have a heart of gold, it is probably broken right now. You have to wonder what Heaven’s big plan might be, since when you give yourself so freely and openly in love, that heart of yours gets handed back to you all mashed up on a platter. Never despair. Any love you give heals you, whether others can understand or appreciate it or not. This coming week’s New Moon in your solar ninth house could help you heal from any hurts you have sustained, mainly because a ninth house transit will bring many more significant and lasting moves and changes mentally and even geogrqphically. It’s a transformation that is bound to take you away from all the places where you have normally found safety and security. Once you tell yourself that you have a mission to perform and a path to follow, the new trip will seem less like a scary threat and more like an exciting adventure.

GEMINI 29 dec - 5 jan

Some people may feel stifled, sheltered, and even abandoned by their families. It’s natural to have those feelings, mainly because life at home can seem too narrow and confining when you want to explore the world. The odd thing is, when you try to run away prematurely, you find yourself coming back and begging to be taken in once again. Separation is an art you can master. Mars is going toward your solar eighth house with Pluto, and maybe you’ll be finally able to let loose all the energy you’ve been storing up, lo these past several weeks and months. Energy isn’t all you’ve been stuffing away. Let’s hope you didn’t blurt out everything that was on the tip of your tongue, either, because you know very well once you’ve said something, it’s out there floating around in the Universe forever. You’re impatient with idiots and control freaks alike, even if it’s your own death anxiety that is making you nervous. The New Moon this week could help you deal with the impermanence of all things—hopefully without freaking out.

CANCER 29 dec - 5 jan

The block is in the area of communication. You can’t seem to break through a wall that stands between you and the person you are trying to reach. Maybe this is one of those times when it’s pointless to bloody your head and hands banging on that wall. Maybe you have to let some months go by and see if the barrier dissolves on its own. Then, if it doesn’t, you can start banging again. Mental. That’s the only word for it. Many members of your sign have been totally, stark, raving out of their gourds from the seemingly endless sixth house transit of Pluto that began fourteen years ago. It is now in your seventh house and even if you are still determined to hang on to your independence, and even if you think that what is happening now is designed to confuse you or erode your sanity and strip you of control, you are coming into a phase where you will more able to handle grown up relationships than ever before in your life. Some say these transits strengthen your faith, although that’s hard to swallow while it’s happening. One thing is sure: From here on in all your relationships will be changed forever.

LEO 29 dec - 5 jan

The entire world seems to be in a state of financial contraction. Even the oil-soaked Saudis don’t seem to be spending crazily right now. So you should try to see that this is not all about you, but rather it’s a time when prudent economics will strengthen and solidify your material life right now. It’s not that you are on the brink of being broke. Bottom line: You are simply being challenged to deliver sound and quality value in business practice. As draining and annoying as certain people have been, the seventh with Chiron, Neptune and the Node is a strong indication that you can’t just blow anyone off now. Whether they are in the bed beside you, across town or six thousand miles away on another continent, you feel their presence and you need their presence. Forget about love, even on a friendship basis you will benefit from relationships. Besides, you’re too busy with work and staying healthy now to get enmeshed in messy affairs. You are in the process of shifting your work life and the change will be dramatic and permanent.

VIRGO 29 dec - 5 jan

Any loneliness you may feel at the moment is cosmic and nobody can save you from it, so don’t take it personally if some people hold their nose when you walk by. Rejections you experience can show you clearly but painfully that maybe you should think about changes to make yourself more appealing to others. In the end, though, you can only be who you are. Take a good, long look now. You’ve got to learn how to combine work and play, mainly because you’ve got major transits in the sixth house which demand you get to bed early, wake up refreshed and able to function and take care of your physical health. You are also just beginning to experience the passage of Pluto through your solar fifth house, and THAT is a rebirth of adolescence, whether it is appropriate or not. You can no longer pretend to be an innocent, rational, passionless clone, operating at high efficiency with no fuel. From now on you need love and plenty of it.

LIBRA 29 dec - 5 jan

Patience is exactly what you need now. Not denial. Not hysterics. You need the courage to understand that this moment is not about “making it” in the traditional sense of the word; Success at this time will come from the wisdom and compassion we can only find in private, intimate, spiritually fulfilling ways when we are in service to others. Whether you know it or not, that is good news. It’s natural to want to laugh, dance and make love and/or babies when you are having such a heavy load of Chiron, Node and Neptune in your solar fifth house. It’s life-affirming to perform and let your heart and talent speak for you. At the same time, however, a strong planetary force is calling you back to your home town. Is it merely a wish to return to some sort of safety you once knew in your youth? Or is there a mystery that needs to be solved, a knot that must be untied between you and your father? Both are true, and both must be obeyed.yourself.

SCORPIO 29 dec -5 jan

If friends have been dropping like flies and you don’t have the help and guidance you’ve always had, just know that you are traveling through life right now without a map. Even the GPS in your car or on your mobile device cannot tell you in which direction you are supposed to move, mainly because long-term commitments are impossible to make. Well it would be cozy if you could curl up under a down comforter and shut the world out, and if you weren’t so restless and yearning for communication and contact, you could. This is a time when you do tend to hibernate. Not this year, however. Your ruling planet as moved into the solar third house, and besides forcing you to deal with all the sibling issues you have tried to forget about, you have too much of an urge to get out there and tell the world what’s going on and how important you are to the future of humanity to sit home and chew on your porridge.


jan Maybe now you can empathize with Vincent Van Gogh who knew he was a goddamned genius but had to contend with a world full of morons and bureaucrats too dense to get it. Dealing with an ancient, creaking, unsympathetic System has got to be galling, but if you hate it so much, why are you still trying to be accepted by it? The transformation began back in 1994, and for all the days and nights when you were convinced you were done for, finished, caput, take a look in the mirror. Not only have you NOT been obliterated, but you have gained a huge amount of clout. It helps to be so sick of everybody that you stop giving a damn what they think of you. You’re alive, and energetically more able to cope with relationships and challenges posed by the people who engage you, even when they bug you. Now it’s time to begin turning your attention to developing a new sense of material prosperity. That means you can’t get hysterical about the money thing. Meet it like an adult.

CAPRICORN 29 dec - 5

jan Ethics and morality are often complicated issues to contend with. It takes a cautious and brave approach to problems in order to come to truthful and just conclusions and decisions. That would be easy if we didn’t have prejudices and mental blocks that get in the way of objectivity. If you have a chance to clear your mind of false thinking, wouldn’t it be a shame to pass it by? Even though all news makes you nervous, good or bad, you have to hear that Pluto is entering your sign for the first time (unless you’re older than two hundred and fifty). 2009 is a year for making some gigantic, life-changing decisions. When Pluto enters your sign, even if you try to hang on to your old life, you know you have to go marching bravely forward into an entirely new sphere. This will mean walking away from a life you thought you were going to live forever. The good news is you will be coming into more power and prominence than you have ever known.

AQUARIUS 29 dec 5 jan

There you are feeling young, vital, passionate and creative one minute, and then boom! Out of the blue you get the crazy, clutching sensation that time is running out on you and your days are numbered. Don’t freak. You’re probably just getting a look at how brief life really is, and how important it is to make every moment count. You’ve got plenty of aches and your pains right in your body, and probably a million mental reasons to lie there and look up at the ceiling in the wee hours of the morning. Even if the Bogeyman refuses to go away, you have just as much to hope for as you do to dread. All it takes is a little thing called letting go and you will find all your misgivings and fears will depart. Don’t ever discount the fact that the New Moon with Pluto in your solar twelfth house is a promise that you will be protected if you’ll only believe there’s a point to it all. But, Baby, is that ever hard to do sometimes.

PISCES 29 dec 5jan

It is comforting to know you are not alone on some of those eternally long nights. Deep. long-lasting connections are not easy to make however, considering the impossible behavior you have to put up with from people who are not always there when you need them. Of course the big question is, do you just hang in there till God knows when or do you cut bait and get on with your life? Without coming right out and saying you’ve been out of your head, some people have had serious doubts about your sanity. Let’s chalk it up to the fact that Pisces performers have had a tough time producing, and Piscean lovers have had a screwed up personal life for months. You’re now about to embark a new journey of self-discovery that demands a great deal of freedom to explore. Remember that at the end of the day you are a twelfth house person, which means you live with an inner chaos that may drive other people nuts but one that actually sustain you.

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