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How to Be a Good Role Model

Updated on January 6, 2008

Good Role Model

You would be surprised if you found out how many people look up to you. Think about how many people in your own life that have inspired you to get to where you are today. By being a good role model, you can help others to achieve success in their own lives.

1. Be aware of your actions:

Realize that somebody is watching you most of the time. Whether you are working diligently or picking your nose, chances are somebody noticed.

2. Identify your bad habits and problems that you have:

This could be everything from getting drunk on purpose or not getting enough sleep. To know if it is a bad habit or not, ask yourself the following questions:

* Does it hurt others around me?

* Is it detrimental to my health?

* Are the results of my actions good or bad?

* What are the long term effects?

* If I stopped doing it, would I become a better person?

3. Once you figure out your bad habits and problems, fix them:

Try doing little punishments to yourself whenever you do the bad habit and reward yourself for not doing it. You may not be able to stop doing it all at once. Try decreasing it little by little until you stop. Then, make sure you don't start again.

4. Show off your good qualities:

Chances are, people will see everything good that you do too. Make an effort to go out of your way if you think that you can help someone.

5. Be an inspiration:

Whether you're a parent, teacher, coach, athlete, artist, or anything else, do what you do best. People you have never met and never will meet are watching you perform. It is up to you to meet their expectations and show them the right way through example.


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