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How to Be a Teenage Role Model

Updated on January 6, 2008

Teenage Role Model

While many people think of role models as famous figures or historic personalities, each and every one of us has the opportunity to be a role model in everyday life. Even as a teenager, you have the ability to inspire your peers and those younger than you. Here are a few steps to becoming a Teenage Role Model.

1. Select a role model for yourself:

If you want to be an inspirational person, think about the people who inspire you. Do a little brainstorming. Why do you admire them so much? What is the message they send through their actions? How can you have a similar affect on others?

2. Build your confidence:

As you start to consider how you can be a role model, try to develop faith in yourself as a person. What are your strengths? What do you do well? Remember that even simple attributes in yourself can have a drastic affect on others. Ponder your strengths and develop an image of who you are and who you want to be.

3. Develop your own style:

As you gain confidence in yourself as a person, develop an attitude to match. Don't just try to fit into "subcultures." While there is nothing wrong with having a group of friends who share your interests, try to be your own unique person. You'll inspire others if you are a trailblazer rather than a follower. People admire someone who makes decisions for themselves, rather than under peer pressure. Always think of how you want to be. Always try to better yourself, for you, not for someone else. There is always room for improvement.

4. Stay Humble:

Role models are silent figures. Don't expect to see the results of your actions in others right away, if ever. You cannot force someone to adapt you as a role model, often times those who most admire you will be shy and lack their own confidence. A role model does not seek "fans" or popularity, they simply seek to be a nice person. Do not put other people down or shunt others with your new found confidence. People such as this hurt others, instead of inspiring them.

5. Play the role you create for yourself:

Once you have a good positive image of yourself and your relationship with others, stick to it! Remember this shouldn't be an act, it is a way of living. Let your desire to be a role model guide you in everything you do, from the decisions you make about drugs and alcohol, to the effort you put into sports. There is no aspect of your life that can't be inspirational!

Role Model


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    • Guptan profile image

      Guptan 9 years ago

      Good advice there,Shekar

    • profile image

      sruthi 10 years ago

      Hi shekar,

      It looks nice men....

      all the best