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how to deal with insomnia.

Updated on July 9, 2008

Insomnia, I have dealt with it many times and have a few things I do when I start feeling that come on.

If it is a one time thing, I quit tossing and turning in the bed trying to sleep. I pick up an interesting book and read until my eyes get tired, then try again. Also I may drink a hot cup of De-caff tea.

If the insomnia turns into a night after night affair, I change my pre-bedtime routine. I will eat earlier, then go for a walk after eating. I will also cut out any caffeine before my bedtime and drink water pretty much only. Not only does it keep sugar and caffeine out, it also is better for you. The bedroom should be free of tv's, computers, or anything else that can distract you. The bedroom should be a place of rest. Make sure you have thick curtains or heavy blinds to keep light out of your eyes at night. If you have to have a light on somewhere, get a nightlight that is not bright, and put it out of your field of sight.

Try to put work out of your mind, or finances, or anything else. When you get home from work, or whatever start writing down things to remember or do on a pad. As soon as you think about it, write it down. This will help keep from obsessing about it all night long. Also try and keep your bedtimes and getup times as close to the same from day to day.

Some other remedies which I use if all else fails is some type of sleep aide from over the counter. Talk with your DR to find out whats right for you.


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    • deannarice profile image

      deannarice 9 years ago from South Orange County, CA

      I agree. I have dealt with insomnia for many years. I, too, change my eating times and make sure my meals are heavier at lunch and very light for dinner. Try to give ourself an adequate amount of time to relax and unwind before attempting to fall asleep.

      Keep a journal near your bedside and write down obstacles that are bothering you. What can you do to solve them. Usually after completing this exercise, sleep will surely be close behind. You will have a plan of action for when you wake up.