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how to live with a vegan

Updated on October 8, 2008

How to live with a vegan

The other day my girlfriend and I were at a birthday party, where of course there was a lot of yummy good food, pizza, cake, ice cream.. Some one asked me if my girlfriend wanted something to eat, and I said “no, probably not, she's a vegan” Then he chuckled and said to me, “well doesn't that pretty much make you a vegan too” As I thought about what he said, I realized he was totally right about that. Living with a vegan is a hard to do here is how I do it.

Being a vegan can be quite difficult, it demands a lot of time and planning and making sacrifices that normal people never even think about; but it's all worth it, for a vegan that is. Vegans do the things they do because they want to, it's a choice they make, they have reasons for it; but what about the non vegans that live with them. Unfortunately, being with a vegan means I have to make many of the same sacrifices that she does, and I have to make sure that I adhere to her plans, by eating at certain restaurants and buying certain foods. The down side to that is that, I don't want to. I don't have any reasons, or ideals pushing me to do the same things that she does, although by association I am almost forced to do the same things she does. That's where the problem lies.

The only up side to this, is that I do most of the cooking in the house. So I get to choose what we eat and I usually end up making what I want, and simply alter the dish to meet her requirements. The down side to that, is I have to cook two meals instead of one. I also have to buy more groceries so that I can make things with vegan friendly ingredients, that gets expensive. It just becomes a big hassle. Here are some other key points in living with a vegan.

  • Know what it means to be a vegan, and that may vary from each persons perspective, so make sure to learn how they define it. It will make your life easier in the long run if you know what you're up against.

  • Take time to find stores that sell and offer vegan products.

  • Eating out can be the most frustrating aspect about living with a vegan, so find places where they have items on the menu that are vegan, or can be made vegan. Most exotic foods are often vegan, like Thai foods, and Indian food, so that may be an option for you If you live some where that vegan food can't be found, well you're soon going to forget what it's like to go out.

  • Buy a vegan cook book and learn to make things that fit a vegans dietary needs but also appeal to you as well.

  • Make friends with tofu, it's the only way you can survive in their crazy vegan world. For many vegans tofu becomes a staple in their diet. Tofu provides the protein and some substance to much of the food they eat. The up side to tofu is that it really doesn't taste like any thing, and that also happens o be he down side as well.

  • Most of all be patient. The majority of vegans will only stay vegan for so long, so you may just be able to weather the storm long enough to see your animal loving vegan turn back into the carnivore you once knew. Being vegan is so hard, and it demands so much time that many vegans simply become overwhelmed by the lifestyle, and they eventually revert back to what they were doing before, BUT DONT COUNT ON IT. Chances are that your vegan is here to stay, and you simply need to learn how to live with it.

Living with a vegan is very difficult, and can create a lot of tension between you and your vegan. For some couples it may prove to be too much and actually be the cause for a split or break up. Being open minded and willing to live with some one else's ideals, no matter how remote they may be from your own is going to be the key to living with a vegan. Remember most vegans choose to by vegan because of some intense philisophical devotion, and that's not going to be broken that eaily. Plus it just wouldn't be right to try and talk some one out of believing in what they want to. Now if your vegan has decided to be vegan because their favorite Hollywood celebrity is vegan, well then by all means bash away, because that's just stupid.


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