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how does a new grandmother feel

Updated on May 7, 2011

Caring for the baby

There is a different feeling for a new grandmother. I say this because it is what I observed when I had my first grand daughter. I felt a deep feeling to love her the way I felt for my children when they were babies that's why my son in law misunderstood me when I said I would bring her home to take care of her. Later on he realized that I didn't mean to own her child so they gave me a certain time and day to visit and take care of my new grandbaby.

The visit was every Friday. To carry her in my arms and give her my baby kisses is a great source of joy especially when she responds with a smile. Changing diapers is not much of a chore unlike in my time when diapers were washed, dried and ironed.  Singing songs to her , playing with her toys during the first months is like being a young mother again. It is easier to take care and to let her go to sleep less worry not being the real mother. What I mean I'm more of a supporter to my daughter in caring of her baby.

The five hours I spend with my granddaughter has a great impact to her growing up being familiarize to an extended family calling me Lola in Filiipino equivalent to Grandma. I was able to watch her crawl, stand and walk until she learned to talked. The first song that I taught her was "Rock a Bye Baby". There was a Tagalog song that I taught her which is "Kung Ikaw ay Masaya" (When You're Happy and You Know It) which she was able to sing well.

We had some trips together with the family. Most remembered was a trip to the Hunt Camp. Going there was treacherous due to the road condition. Deep pot holes of Hunter's Trail hinders the continuous travel of four wheel drives and swarms of insects that hovers over your head and underneath your pants forcing you to break a branch to shoe them away. Then get down and walk until the wide pot hole had been overpassed. Going down to a steep slope was another spot to be cautious of or sliding would happen straight to the river. Once down on that slope was a motorboat ride to the Hunt Camp which a smooth ride and I felt relieved and relaxed seeing the beautiful greenery of untouched foliage and quietness and relaxing atmosphere.Since it was my first time to see a Hunt Camp I was able to become part of untouched Nature. We bathed in the river which was 20 ft. deep at the dock that they have to lift me right away and brought me up to shore. If I was not lifted I had sank. I was scared.The baby was carried by his father while they swam as I watched them on the dock. This was a trip I'll never forget.  We stayed on a weekend sleeping in bunkbeds and feast with grilled barbecue. Staying there with my granddaughter was a new adventure for her and me.

Time will tell when the Friday visits to her will end. Just playing, singing and now dancing with her is a great joy to keep and looking forward to every week.  Lily Anne has just celebrated her 5th birthday.


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