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Acidic Tummy Can be Check

Updated on May 7, 2011

Acidic Sufferers

If you have taken tons or bottles of capsules everytime you feel too much acid inyour stomach try this remedy that worked for me. First thing in the morning take a glass of lemonade (commercial one will do) One piece of squeeze lemon can be substituted and add a teaspoon of sugar to it. You will find relief with this and never take any capsule or pills anymore. Guaranteed.

Long Sufferrers of Acidic Tummy

How long have you been feeling bloated and having eating disorders because of gas pain, the symptom of an acidic tummy?When you wake up in the morning usually the first thing that you take is a cup of coffee which adds to your discomfort having caffeine to the less acid that you have. Actually you should have to take a glass of orange juice or a glass of lemon juice and sugar to taste. The reason is to balance the acid in your stomach to help digest your food during the day.

Most people may not be aware that taking Vitamin C is to balance not to neutralize the acidity which antiacid tablet or pills to relief gas pain in the stomach. By continually doing this regimen hyperacidity will fade in time


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