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hypnotic suggestion for weight control

Updated on October 29, 2008

Hypnotic Suggestion For Weight Control

Hypnotic suggestion helps people lose weight by helping to reduce the appetite. If you are overweight and you do not think you overeat, it may be the types of food that you are eating. If you feel that you eat the correct type of food and you do not eat in excess, you may have a physical problem and you would be well advised to visit your doctor or health professional before using any form of hypnotic suggestion..

Hypnotic suggestion is NEVER used to make a person under-eat, therefore weight loss may be a little slow but it's more permanent because the appetite becomes moderate but healthy. Habits good and bad are formed in the subconscious mind, and once established, all habits are extremely powerful and difficult to get rid of. So a person who has a strong habit of over-eating has got into a bad habit and the difficulty getting out of the habit is because it has become subconsciously ingrained. With hypnosis the idea is to introduce a new, good habit into the subconscious mind that will "over-rule" the bad habit, but if the new habit attempts to get the person to starve (a very unwise way to use hypnosis), the instinct of self-preservation may be triggered and apart from the metabolism slowing down in an attempt to store food, the person may well end up over-eating more than they were before. So hypnotic suggestion is always used to encourage healthy eating.

Hypnotic Suggestion for Weight Control with a Hypnotherapist.

A person may overeat because of stress or to satisfy other `inner` needs. In these cases therapy is directed towards the release of such inner conflicts thus enabling the client to eat for physical health and not as a means of reducing stress. Hypnotic suggestion may be used to empower the client to release the root-cause of such inner stresses, subjecting it to the conscious awareness to resolve.

Hypnotherapy is usually used on a weekly basis, until the appetite is normal again. The number of sessions required may vary greatly from individual to individual. Once the appetite is acceptable and the client can eat sensibly without struggle the sessions can end. Occasionally clients return for a 'one-off' session just to help keep the appetite normal. This ranges from anything from once to four times a year. Not everybody finds this necessary however. With hypnosis there is no 'goal weight' to aim for. Each client is encouraged to go by what he or she feels and not what the scales tell him or her! This eliminates a lot of the frustration that arises out of conventional diets.

Hypnotic Suggestion Using Self-hypnosis.

In most cases a client may be encouraged to practice self-hypnosis at home in order to feel better about themselves. With self-hypnosis though, suggestions tend to take a different form. All hypnotic suggestion is persuasion, and there is no better power for persuasion than mental images. The hypnotherapist would probably teach the client how to create mental images of their ideal body. Whilst this may be a little difficult at first with practice, the confidence will grow and many people soon begin to find that they can detect the altered state of consciousness known as self-hypnosis very much easier than they could when they first started using it. The state of self-hypnosis is practically identical to a meditative state that people often use when practicing disciplines like yoga.

A Visit to a Hypnotherapist to Learn Hypnotic Suggestion using Self-Hypnosis is not Always Necessary. Some people take to self-hypnosis easier than others, in fact it has been found that face-to-face appointments with a hynotherapist have been unnecessary and I have found that a recording (CD or MP3) has had some positive results. Also, if somebody is on a special diet, the use of hypnotic suggestion using self-hypnosis can enhance that person's ability to stick to it as long as is necessary.

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