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iStik: iPod nano holder

Updated on January 27, 2009

The biggest problem with iPods is that they are somewhat difficult to carry around.  I suppose you could fit them into your pocket, but then you have to take it out in order to manipulate the controls.  I suppose you could get something like a clip for it, but sometimes those things just up and fall off. 


Or you could get yourself an iStik which will allow you a secure connection for your iPod nano to your clothes via magnets.  There is a plastic case that pops open with a key or coin, and you can place your iPod nano in there.  You can’t put your iPod nano underwater, as there is a small hole in there to access the clicker wheel.


Once the iPod nano is in its convenient case, it then sandwiches in between the user’s clothes.  And after trying it out, I can tell you that you can be running, jumping, and anything else, and that iPod nano isn’t going to be coming off any time soon. 


The iStik was developed by someone who lived a very active lifestyle of exercise and fitness, and they noticed that their iPod nano was falling out all the time.  I’m not certain why, but the iStik was made for just the iPod nano, at least for now. 


Fortunately, I have thought of some other uses for the iStik.


Top Ten Uses For an iStik


1)      A portable picture frame


Clip an ordinary photo down to fit into the plastic case, and you have picture of your kid or other loved one that fits on any piece of clothing.


2)      Business card holder


This is something I could have used at CES 2009, as I was collecting business cards like crazy, and I could have used something to put them in. 


3)      Sock Sorter


Why separate your socks when you wash them only to have to dig through the laundry to pair them up again?  Just use the iStik’s magnets to lock them together, then wash and dry.


4)      Swimsuit and Towel Link-up


If you go swimming, you need at least two things: a towel and a swimsuit.  The iStik allows you lock your suit and towel together so they don’t get separated.


5)      Tax Time Paper Sorter

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a whole stack of important Tax Documents sitting at home that require definite attention before the deadline in April.  I could put them in a file, or I could magnetically lock them all together with the iStik. 


If you would like an iStik for any of these uses above, or just holding your iPod nano, because to check out the official iStik site and purchase it for yourself. 


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