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kashmiri muslims

Updated on July 31, 2008

The turmoil in Kashmir ever since the Indian Govt declared a land for the Amarnath Shrine board shows no signs to cease. So many people have lost their lives in the inferno of communal violence. Smelling more danger and opposition from the Muslims in Kashmir, the govt backtracked and the land will not be given to the Amarnath pilgrim board. Once the govt decision made headlines, the Hindu fundamentalists took from the Muslim bigots to oppose the govt move. May I know who has gained from this?

By opposing the construction of resting places for Amarnath [shiv pilgrimage] pilgrims, fundamentalist Kashmiri Muslims once again revealed their ambition to the rest of the nation. They want Kashmir to become an independent Muslim country, with India bearing all its expenses. India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's gift to the Kashmiris in the form of a special status to Kashmir by way of Article 370 sparked off this tendency. Now, this special privilege has turned into an obsession for Kashmiri Muslims. This is the reason why Kashmiris can buy property anywhere in India. They can be employed anywhere and can run a business wherever they want. But people from other states cannot enjoy these facilities in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian Government gives J&K 10 times the aid it gives to other states. Yet, the Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI] does not have the authority even to investigate into corruption cases there. Anyone belonging to Kashmir can become the Indian prime minister, but a non-Kashmiri cannot be a member of even the Jammu and Kashmir Municipal Board. This policy has the support of fundamentalist Muslim separatists.

Kashmiris can never remain independent despite their best wishes, as the state lacks resources and people who can guard its borders. Economic development is a far cry. Dependence on outside forces is clearly evident in their wishful thinking. The country and even the world believes that Kashmir can never enjoy such prosperity had it not been an integral part of India.

The plight of the people of the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is quite well known. Kashmir is the hotbed of international Islamic jihadis [crusaders] who have the last say in all matters. The situation of Kashmiris in India is exactly the opposite. Nevertheless, Kashmiri Muslims have a permanent complaint against India. This is being propagated throughout the world, and a well-planned strategy and experience are helping the campaign.

Truly speaking, this is a rare specimen of political intrigue in the world in which the one who exploits claims to be the victim, to gain benefits from all sides. It is not a matter of coincidence that Jammu and Kashmir is the most prosperous state in the country, judging by its per capita income. Twenty percent of Indians are poor as against only three percent in this state. The reason for this is the federal financial aid. As compared to other states, it is more than eight to 10 times per person. No control can, however, be kept on its misuse. This aid does not include the millions of rupees spent on electricity, roads, railway projects, technical education institutes, hospitals, and maintenance of tourist facilities. They are also the most attractive projects in terms of the ratio of population and facilities.

Keeping Kashmiris safe against foreign terrorists is costing the Indian govt dear. So many soldiers have laid their lives for safeguarding Kashmiris against terrorists .

Kashmiris are well aware of the treatment they will receive at the hands of jihadis. This is not a recent development. If Indian soldiers had not been present there since 1947, J&K would have soon turned into a Taliban wasteland, alike the Afghanistan during the Taliban era. Is there any Kashmiri Muslim who will like to be a part of the only true Islamic state spreading from Kandahar to Peshawar -- very much professing Taliban's identity? In fact, if the Indian security forces have to be withdrawn some day, almost all Kashmiris will lose their sleep.

The population in Kashmir valley is half of the entire Jammu and Kashmir. But the real fact is that they will never allow any non-Kashmiri, Hindu, or Buddhist to become a chief minister.

Do you know the state's income is not even one-tenth of its total expenditure? It cannot meet its expenses, nor defend itself, the Indian Govt funds it to run its economy, without ever asking for accountability. The federal government bears the entire burden. Most of the amount goes to the Kashmir valley.

Kashmiri Hindus have already been driven out of the state. Local people and foreign terrorists are responsible for it. The Indian Army defends the Kashmiri people against foreign terrorists. But instead of getting rewards, they face charges of human rights violations.

The Kashmiris are well aware that terrorists are hiding among the Kashmiri masses, but they never intend to help in their arrest. However, they want money to keep flowing from the federal government. This shows the dual policy being played in the state once known as a paradise on earth.

Does the state deserve this? The lost paradise needs to be restored. Kashmir is an integral part of India and the Indian Govt has been doing a wonderful job in preserving the lost heritage of Kashmir. LET PEACE BE RESTORED IN KASHMIR!! AMEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is really great article by you.

      This must be taken to second level and RSS / VHP must be told to fight with Muslim fundamentalist. Muslims are destroying peace of IND and they must be answered in their own language.

      This is needed and is indeed required for IND spirit. Keep up the good work. You are a great patriot.

    • profile image

      manish zijoo 

      8 years ago

      My Crime is that I am Kashmiri Pandit

      "I am a Hindu" kill me and call it "freedom struggle"

      " exile my people and masses and call it” right of self determination" Rob my resources, Invade my House, and call it "AZAADI”

      I deserve to Live life of refugee in my own country. I deserve to be humiliated. I deserve to be harassed. I deserve to be mauled. I deserve to be killed. Just because " I AM A KASHMIRI PANDIT"

      I demand my rights, it is my crime. I demand my dignity, it is my crime. I demand life, it is my crime.I demand my safe and secure land, I am a KASHMIRI, it is my crime. but i am proud of committing this crime.

      I want to live, but a living life. Not a dead man's life. I can die struggling for Peace and prosperity of Kashmir rather than giving it up and living.

      They claims they are jhadis /Freedom Fighters of Kashmir, but what they have done they have made the heaven Hell. They have no concern of the Common Kashmiri they are spoiling the future of Hundred of Thousand People for their vested interests.

      Manish Zijoo

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      why dont u guys check this site

      you will find out who is "exploiting" & who is "victim"

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hey Ravneet really appreciate you speaking abt issues in kashmir

      It is an issues which is being ignored by almost all the governments....

    • guidebaba profile image


      10 years ago from India

      Hi Ravneet: I am Glad that you took time to publish this kind of a non-commercial hub. Appreciation for the good work and Thumbs up.

    • ratnaveera profile image


      10 years ago from Cumbum

      Dear Neet, Thanks for writing about Kashmir issue. This is really a great concern of our Nation to keep Kashmir as the integral part of it. Being a vast country India has great responsiblity to the development and safety of each and every state including Kashmir.


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