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Medical Transcription: A Career Guide

Updated on September 24, 2007

Medical Transcription: A High-Demand Career Choice

Medical transcription is a career field expected to grow faster than average through 2012.

So, just what does a medical transcriptionist do? What is the work like? How do you become a transcriptionist? This hub will provide an overview of this hot and in-demand career.

Medical transcriptionists listen to dictated recordings made by health care professionals after (or during) an exam or procedure. Then, they transcribe them into medical reports, correspondence and other materials. Usually this is done working with a computer and transcription machine, which the transcriptionist listens to through headphones.

Examples of these documents include discharge summaries, examinations, operative reports, consultation reports, autopsy reports, diagnostic imaging studies, progress notes, and referral letters. The healthcare provider then approves the copy, notating the need for any edits. The document then becomes part of the patients' medical file.

Medical transcriptionists may also have other office duties, primarily if they are in a doctor's office. These could include receiving patients, scheduling, answering phones, billing and correspondence.

To learn more about this career, click the link below to an informative article on the subject.

Medical Career Guides and Information

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