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What are some basic tips or techniques on tapping into your subconscious?

Updated on March 29, 2008

listening your subconscious

To be able to tap your subconscious first you should stop the disturbances and listen to it. It like listening a sound from a distance. How would you do that. First you stop moving, second stop other noises next to you. Then try to hear it. Subconscious is very similar. Things are moving around under a surface (that is why we use prefix sub-).To listen you have to stop ditrubances and organize. To orginize a place either you would place the stuff properly at the first place or you would enter and look around to relocate them.

To put them correctly at the first place needs separate hub to work on it. To orginize them we need meditation. We have to sit down and listen and orginize our thoughts.

Music would be distrubing both processes. While you are filling your mind with information, music would be a background noise that would fill in together without a proper tag. When you want to listen and orginize your mind, music would show up before anything else and mess the peace.

If your mind does not have important things to fill the subconscious then music can be the most orderly stuff in your subconscious.That would make music helpful. That is why most of the people would disagree with the harm of the music.

Let me explain how music would occupy the subconscious. Imagine a box with balls bouncing inside. We have only one hole that would let the balls come out. From time to time you will see a ball coming out. This is similar to a person when he/she is doing anything else and suddenly start saying bum, bum or tata tata the melody of the song that was listened days or even years ago. This song was bouncing back and forth taking processor time without control and came out suddenly. Instead if there were good problems defined and life issues were neatly inserted into the brain earlier, boom! those answers would showup. Edison, invented gramaphone but himself was not good in hearing. I am not sure if it is wise to say that his mind was not occupied with music, therefore he had more than 1000 inventions patented.


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    • profile image


      10 years ago


      AATMA SAMYAM 001anaas`rita: karmaphalam kaaryam karma karooti ya: sa sanyaasii ca yoogii ca na nir agnir na ca akriya: ASY 2yam sanyaasam iti praahur yoogam tam viddhi paamd`avana hi asanyasta samkalpoo yoogii bhavati kas` ca na ASY 3 aarurukshoor muneer yoogam karma kaaran`am uchyateeyoogaaruud`hasya tasyaiva s`ama: kaaran`am uchyateeASY 4yadaa hi neendriya artheeshu na karmasv anushajjatee sarva samkalpa sanyaasii yooga aruud`has tadoochyatee ASY 5uddhareed aatmanaatmaanam naatmaanam avasaadayeetaatmaiva hi aatmanoo bandhur aatmaiva ripur aatmana: ASY 6bandhur aatmaatmanas tasya yeena atmaivaat manaa jita: anaatmanas tu s`atrutvee varteetaatmaiva s`atruvatASY 7jitaatmana: pras`aamtasya paramaatmaa samaahita: s`iitooshn`a sukhadu:kheeshu tathaa maana avamaanayoo:ASY 8 gnaana vignaana truptaatmaa kuut`asthoo vijiteendriya:yukta iti uchyatee yoogii samaloosht`aas`makaamchana: ASY 9suhrun mitrar yudaasiina madhyastha dveeshya bandhushusaadhushv api ca paapeeshu samabuddhir vis`ishyatee ASY 10yoogii yumjiita satatam aatmaanam rahasi sthita: eekaakii yatachittaatmaa niraas`iir aparigraha:ASY 011s`uchau dees`ee pratisht`haapya sthiram aasanam aatmana: naatyuchchhritam naatiniicham ca ilaajinakus`oottaram ASY 012tatraikaagram mana: krutvaa yata chitt eendriyakriya:upavis`yaasanee yumjyaad yoogam aatma vis`uddhayeeASY 013 samam kaayas`iroogriivam dhaarayann achalam sthira: sampreekshya naasikaagram svam dis`as` ca anavalookayanASY 014pras`aamtaatmaa vigatabhiir brahmachaarivratee sthita:mana: samyamya machchittoo yukta aasiita matpara: ASY 015yumjann eevam sadaatmaanam yoogii niyatamaanasa:s`aamtim nirvaan`aparamaam matsamsthaam adhigachchhatiASY 016naatyas`natas tu yoogoo asti na ca ikaamtam anas`nata: na ca atisvapnas`iilasya jaagratoo naiva ca arjunaASY 017yuktaahaaravihaarasya yuktacheesht`asya karmasuyuktasvapnaavaboodhasya yoogoo bhavati du:khahaaASY 018 yadaa viniyatam chittam aatmani eevaavatisht`hateeni:spruha: sarvakaameebhyoo yukta iti uchyatee tadaaASY 019yathaa diipoo nivaatasthoo neemgatee soopamaa smrutaa yooginoo yatachittasya yumjatoo yoogam aatmana: ASY 020yatrooparamatee chittam niruddham yoogaseevayaayatra ca ivaatmanaatmaanam pas`yann aatmani tushyatiASY 021sukham aatyamtikam yat tad buddhigraahyam atiindriyam veetti yatra na ca ivaayam sthitas` ca lati tatvata:ASY 022yam labdhvaa ca aparam laabham manyatee naadhikam tata: yasmin sthitoo na du:kheena gurun`aapi vichaalyateeASY 023 tam vidyaad du:khasamyoogaviyoogam yoogasamgnitamsa nis`chayeena yooktavyoo yoogoo anirvin`n`acheetasaa ASY 024samkalpaprabhavaan kaamaams tyaktvaa sarvaan as`eeshata:manasaiveendriyagraamam viniyamya samamtata: ASY 025s`anai: s`anair uparameed buddhyaa dhrutigruhiitayaa aatmasamstham mana: krutvaa na kim chid api chimtayeetASY 026yatoo yatoo nis`charati manas` ca mchalam asthiram tatas tatoo niyamyaitad aatmani eeva vas`am nayeet ASY 027pras`aamtamanasam hi eenam yooginam sukham uttamamupaiti s`aamtarajasam brahmabhuutam akalmashamASY 028 yumjann eevam sadaatmaanam yoogii vigatakalmasha: sukheena brahmasamspars`am atyamtam sukham as`nuteeASY 29sarvabhuutastham aatmaanam sarvabhuutaani ca atmaniiikshatee yoogayuktaatmaa sarvatra samadars`ana: ASY 030yoo maam pas`yati sarvatra sarvam ca maii pas`yatitasyaaham na pran`as`yaami sa ca mee na pran`as`yatiASY 031sarvabhuutasthitam yoo maam bhajati eekatvam aasthita: sarvathaa vartamaanoo api sa yoogii maii vartateeASY 032aatmaupamyeena sarvatra samam pas`yati yoo arjunasukham vaa yadi vaa du:kham sa yoogii paramoo mata:

      This chapter is called the Union of Self Control or the Union of Meditation. Better phrase is Path of Self Control (POSC).Krishna answered here, the question of who is real relinquisher (Sanyaasi ). A person who discharges his duties without expecting results is the real relinquisher and united person- UP. (yogi-whose human soul united with the Supreme Spirit). A person who abandons the sacrificial fire is not a relinquisher. A person who abstains from his duties (body, family, social) is not a uniter. (POSC 1). What the scholars call 'relinquishment', please know that, is the 'Union'. This is because a person who does not forego desire and the desire motivated action (DMA) is not a UP. (POSC 2).For an ascetic who wants to mount the Path of Undisturbed Meditation (PUM), the best tool is Result Relinquished Action. If he wants to attain Union with the Supreme Spirit, again RRA is the tool. (POSC 3). He is called Union-Mounted who is DMAR (Desire Motivated Action Relinquisher). He will not have interest in actions which are instrumental in attain sensual objects. (POSC 4).A person should rescue his soul by himself. He should not allow it to collapse. For him, his own soul is the relative. Own soul is the enemy. (POSC 5). Comment: The poet stresses the importance of soul in the resurrection of humans. In this verse and the following verse, the poet uses the word soul to mean mind, intellect, inner person and the soul. A person who captures and conquers one's own mind will have his mind and intellect as his relative. A person who is not a conquerer of senses, his own mind works like a fore. (POSC 6).The soul of a conquerer-of-soul (COSoul), person of steady wisdom, UP (United person whose soul is in tanded with the Supreme Spirit) shall be equanimous and enduring to the whims of heat and cold, honor and dishonor. (POSC 7). A UP, UMP (Union Mounted Person travelling in the direction of the Union) will have an intellect satiated with knowledge and awareness. He is unemotional. He is conquerer of senses (COsenses). (POSC 8).UP-UMP will be equanimous to everybody: warm hearted persons and well wishers, friends, foes, indifferent persons, neutrals, haters, relatives, monks, sinners. (POSC 9). UP-UMP will always keep his soul united with the Spirit. He maintains solitude. He does not come out open. He has a regulated intellect and soul. He is uninterested and detached. He does not receive or expect things from others. (POSC 10). Comment: Now follows a description of the place and posture for meditation.He should sit at a clean place. The seat is to be stable. Not to be too high nor too low. Covered with a deer skin and 'kusa' grass. (P:OS 11). Then he should concentrate his mind and redirect the organs and senses to meditation aimed at cleansing the mind. (POSC 12).His body, head, and neck should be at an equal vertical plane.and stable. He should not look at sides and concentrate his gaze on the tip of his nose. (POSC 13). He should keep his mind peaceful, free from fear and anxiety, maintain celibasy, restrain his mind and settle it on me and filled with thought of mine. (POSC 14).The UP-UMP who always keeps his mind on the Path of Meditation (POM) with a regulated mind will attain the ultimate peace and bliss. (POSC 15). An excess VORACIOUS EATER cannot become an UP-UMP. An anorex is also not entitled to. Neither an excess sleeper nor an insomniac can be a UP-UMP. (POSC 16).A person with regulated food, movement, moderation in actions, moderate sleep and wakefulness can get UP-UMP. (POSC 17). The person whose well regulated mind is settled in his soul, who has no consciousness of luxuries and comforts, can be called a UP-UMP. (POSC 18).The mind of a UP-UMP is compared to a lamp well protected with glass shields from all sides and is unmoved by wind. (POSC 19). A person in a state of mind in coition with the Union, seeing his own soul and satisfies itself, (POSC 20)A person in which State of mind realises the supreme joys of Union which can be realised only outside the pale of senses, in which State of mind remains unmoved from the soul, (POSC 21) by attaining which, he does not long for any other greater benefit or profit, by attaining which is not moved by the most unbearable sorrow, (POSC 22)-- know that State of Mind to be the Union free of Joy and Sorrow. That Union is to be practised with a mind filled with courage and perseverance. (POSC 23). A person should by abandoning all luxuries from Desire Driven Actions completely and with

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I wish in this sugetion, Concentration Tips The art or practice of concentration is to eliminate distraction and focus on the task at hand. If you find that you read through material and suddenly discover that you have no idea about what you've just read, or if you attend lectures and have difficulty paying attention to what is being said, these tips may help: * Stick to a routine, efficient study schedule * Study in a quiet environment * For a study break, do something different from what you've been doing (e.g., walk around if you've been sitting), and in a different area * Avoid daydreaming by asking yourself questions about the material as you study it * Before lectures, look over the notes of the previous lecture and read the course material pertaining to the lecture so that you can anticipate the main ideas that the instructor will cover * Show outward interest during lectures (attentive expression and posture) to self-motivate internal interest * Resist distractions by sitting in front of the room away from disruptive classmates and by focusing on the instructor through listening and note taking

    • louisebannerman profile image


      10 years ago from Detroit,MI

      Thanks Whitebleach for answering my request. I love music but yes it can be distracting. Although, when I'm giving or receiving a massage then Brainmaster is right music works great for relaxation. At night, before I go to bed I make sure that the TV is off, because that noise gets into my head and I'll dream about what's going on the tube. One night I woke up telling someone my dream and the person told me that was just on TV. So weird.

      When I want to learn some Bible scriptures or Spanish now I will sleep with the tape playing because I don't mind that getting into my head.

      Now speaking on organizing things that are out of place, but I know where they are. However, when it comes to writing I must bring my thoughts to order and that comes when things around me are in order. So I agree we have to listen and organize our thoughts. Listening is a skill I'm still working on.

      Thanks for your hub.

    • brainmaster profile image


      10 years ago

      I totally agree with your point of view. Music can be a distraction. Though the right kind of music does work great for relaxation. And recent research in brainwave technology is able to create deep meditative states in the brain/ mind using different music frequencies - which are good for accessing the subconcious mind. Your point of view is excellent and totally original.

    • lady luck profile image

      lady luck 

      10 years ago from Boston

      This is very original, i like how you used music as an example from being distracted from your thoughts, i lot of people would try to argue that it helps them think


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