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my accent

Updated on November 3, 2008

my accent


i got an accent. but it depends on my moods and who i'm

talking to and the situation. i have a theater degree so i can go

back and forth. i was raised in south philly so i have that by

nature. i live in missouri so i've been picking that up. i worked

a ren faire for 2 years so i can play irish, scottish, british,

yorkshire, gypsy crazy gypsy . and i'm proud of it. i love it. so

does my husband. who has no accent what so ever. i love

canadien men. dont' ask long stories. love british men.

especially if theyre evil. think sweeny todd and even jack

sparrow. yay. michale shanks did an episode of sg1 called

lifeboat where he went back and forth between characters.

yay. thats where my obsession with him started. but that too

is a long story


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