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Parent hood

Updated on December 25, 2007

The Child

My toddler turned 1 recently and it has been amazing seeing him pick up new things by the day.Despite the advances in technology and also the impetus in training programs these days, it is quite unlikely that there exists such a programmed training manual as one finds in the infants.In fact leave aside inspirational stories like that of Robert Bruce. If you capture your child's progress in learning various things and showcase it, its a good enough case study.

The Mother

That takes me to the most important aspect of parenthood. What exactly parenthood stands for.The time,energy and patience shown by the mother is of such levels that probably cannot be surpassed. Despite the irritation at the stubborness/crankiness of the baby, the mother goes along like a well oiled machine as if she has been doing this for ages. It seems just like children comes with a programmed training module, women seems to be suddenly well trained when they become a mother.

The Father

Well last but not the least, the Father. While the first two character seems to have similar roles in any family, the Father takes various characterstics. In some cases, he is the doting father, eagerly changing the nappies and playing with the kid, in some cases he is forced to do so (ha ha). In some cases he goes overboard in showing his love to the child as he is perpetually busy with work & in the process spoils him. These are just observations. We all do love our children.(did i hear a sigh)

And before I end in retrospect, let me put my own thoughts on parenthood... I feel that parenthood has two aspects- Motherhood-which is about the Mother taking care of the baby with such love & care that only she can & Fatherhood -which is about the Father taking care of the Mother with so much love and care that only he can do.


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    • omdelhi profile image

      Om Prakash Singh 10 years ago from New Delhi

      Great, Good going. Keep it up.