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Tips for a diabetic patient

Updated on November 27, 2007

Don't panic or neglect the condition, accept the diagnosis, start a sensible diet, exercise and meditation as per the doctor's advice. Keep a record of all readings.:

2.Stress, excessive sleeping and eating is a sure way to increase blood sugar levels and also you would be inviting the complications.

3.Regular practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation surely helps you in many ways.

4.Repeated infections, weight loss, uncontrolled pains and aches, blurring vision etc may be an indication that your blood sugar is not under control. Check it.

5.Changing your life style to become more creative, stress free and avoiding sedentary life habits is as important as maintaining your blood sugar normally

6.Cut down on poultry, dairy, fried stuff and sweets, better still avoid them.

7.If you are sleeping at noon daily -change it, it may increase your complications.

8.Drinking excessive fluids is not advisable, drink when you are thirsty.

9.Cumin, turmeric, myrobalan, (amla) pepper, ginger, asafetida. Cloves, bitter gourd, fenugreek can be increased in your daily diet .It has been proved to be highly beneficial.

10.Including more of curry leaves, coriander, gotukola, greens, cabbage, garlic, onion, wheat, ragi, pulses can all make delicious dishes. There are many dishes which are diabetic friendly and healthy.

11.Being labeled a diabetic does not mean that you should be depressed, you can still enjoy life.

12.All diabetics will not have a cardiac arrest or stroke or lose vision. Life is your choice; keep your body fit and free from complications.


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    • Michele Engholm profile image

      Michele Engholm 10 years ago from Hutchinson

      Wonderful Info. I am not a diabetic...but my Grandmother is. I will be putting using this info with her. Thank you!