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Personal Power-The Key Is You

Updated on April 21, 2008

Everywhere you and I go someone is talking “The Laws of Attraction”, “The Secret”, and things like “Think and Grow Rich.” Herein lies the problem. The people I hear talking are the people who are missing. the point.

Working toward success?
Working toward success?

My own survey

Recently I was at a marketing convention. I arrived early at one of the seminar sessions. The people already there were talking, “The Laws of Attraction.” So, as I worked into the group I found my spot to ask how many read the book or saw the video “The Secret”? Almost all chimed in. Next I asked how many began mediations afterwards. It was nearly unanimous. I then asked, “Did anyone do anything else?” One person admitted to beginning a personal affirmations journal. She also admitted that life happens and she wasn't able to keep up the daily entries.

coffee made with sap water
coffee made with sap water

My conclusions

We as a society are a food fast drive-thru culture. For instance I have a relative who will drive 15 to 20 minutes down the block to go purchase Dunkin Donuts coffee even in the worst of weather. So I asked, “Why don't you just keep some of their product on hand for when you are not going out?” The answer was “It's not the same. They obviously do something to the water used for brewing.” I was left pondering if Dunkin Donuts indeed did use a special “sap water.” Believe it or not this ties into my survey. It is all the same principle. People basically want it all and they want it all done for them. In the end it all taste better.

My friend Maritza Parra

Maritza Parra teaches the Laws of Attraction. She was featured nationally in an interview with Oprah. Which is not why I like what Maritza. I like Maritza because she teaches the same beliefs I do. I can tell you if she was at that pre-seminar get together, she would have left scratching and shaking her head. You see what Maritza Para teaches and I believe in are not “The Laws of Attraction” but “The Laws of AtrACTION”. You can't achieve the attraction without action. You can learn more about Maritza at

I want money...I want money
I want money...I want money

The forgotten parts of the concept

Yes, mindset is vital. You have to get serious. If all you are going to do is mediate then your ship is dead in the water. Every step to obtainment of success is linked with the concept of “conceive, believe and achieve.” And if you are just going to sit there and “Think and Grow Rich,” more than likely all you well achieve is getting soft lazy and fat.

The concept application

The mediation with affirmations is a great way to start any process. As I mentioned prior mindset plays an important part in the process. It may even be here that you conceive your idea, plan or methodology. The next part is commitment to a carrying out your defined mission. You can only do this if you truly believe in your goal and that it is achievable. In turn you follow do course to completion. The outcome is your achievement.

How to reach the finish line

When devising your strategy you want to make the process a rewarding one. By creating benchmark points you break up your main task into manageable section. This allows you review progress as you go along. It also helps yo to make needed adjustments as the situation warrants easier. Each time you reach a benchmark you automatically receive a form of gratification just from making the mental note you have moved forward and are closer to your goal. The emotional boost from knowing you have made progress will serve as fuel for seeing the whole mission through. It is similar to a motivation tool used by many marathon runners. They don't think about how far they have gone or how far they have to go. They stay in the present and concentrate on their current leg of the journey. As they proceed they acknowledge the completion of that piece of the run then focus themselves on the next part ahead.

Run your own race toward achievement

It all starts with you. Pick the goal. Map out your course and get to work. You are the key and it all boils down to if you are not in it you can't win it. So what are you waiting for?


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      you are right it does take action to complete the attraction cycle.

    • aquariancore profile image

      aquariancore 10 years ago

      Thank you I appreciate your response

    • crazycat profile image

      crazycat 10 years ago from Philippines

      Good read. Very encouraging.