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safari 3.1 crushes with windows XP

Updated on May 8, 2008

Apple safari browser

Latest version of the Apples Safari broweser aroused much curiosity among those who really loved the novelty as well as speed in browsing, At my dismay, safari is very much disappointing as I may have to face this crushing incicents very frequently in my windows xp ( SP 2)

safari crushes while i was browing in XP

There were also scattered reports of Safari 3.1 not functioning properly on computers running Windows Vista. Many of the posters said they were able to successfully run earlier versions of Safari on Windows.

This is a very disappointing phenomenon as the expectation from Apple is greater with the performance of Safari in iphone

Issues of Safari Browser

With WebPages

Cannot display framesets or iframes, you simply get a blank page or blank gap (or it may just crash).

It cannot open popup.

Fails acid 2, meaning it is Safari 1.3 equivalent, and not representative of current Safari releases.

XMLHttpRequest does not work, so it cannot import XML (AJAX).

All mouse clicks are read as being a left mouse button, even if you use middle or right.

Mouse buttons are incorrectly reported to scripts (button 17527, instead of 0 or 1).

It crashes when parsing dates.

It crashes when setting window. Status.

It sometimes crashes when using CSS generated content.

It has broken path handling after redirection from paths without trailing forward slashes.

Design Mode rich text editing does not work.

It cannot scroll to internal anchors.

Several input types do not work, including password, select, and file.

Button elements are not displayed correctly, and text areas cannot scroll (and their contents may disappear).

JavaScript prompt dialogs do not work.

Selecting text can make it disappear.

With the chrome

The chrome obviously still needs a lot of work, but it is currently so non-functional, it makes testing uncomfortably annoying. The chrome is about as basic as it could be. Just enough to display a page, but hardly even enough to test that.

It has no preferences at all (several menu items do not work).

It has no memory for toolbar or window setups - whenever you restart it reverts to its default state.

It cannot load pages from the local computer.

It doesn't remember scrolling position when going back.

It cannot scroll if it does not have a scrollbar, so it is extremely difficult to see the result of the Acid 2 test.

Scrollbars blink when the cursor blinks in a text input.

There is no history of visited Web pages, so they must be typed by hand every time.

Do you experience the same problem of crushing with safari??

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