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Quick Safety Tips To Keep You Safe

Updated on January 21, 2008

How Safe Are You? Do You Know?


I watch the news often and I am amazed at how crime finds vulnerable participants. Maybe it's that people are prone to feel safe because they haven't fallen victim to a crime yet and this leaves them complacent about being vigilant. Never take for granted that your safety at any given time is certain. Those who are most likely to avoid being a victim are those that look for potential threats and even expect them during critical hours of dusk. Crime happens to those who live in good neighborhoods as well as neighborhoods crawling with crime. Keep in mind that no one is ever protected because of class or privilege or because someone lives on the upside of the city. Criminals pick their victims because they are easy targets. And criminals will go into any neighborhood where they believe they can get away with their crime without being detected. Of course you don't wan to go to an extreme but healthy precautions are viable to safety and criminals know it.

Most crimes seek the cover of darkness, therefore it is vitally important to understand that the most critcal hours of crime occur against both men and women between the hours of dusk and dawn. Therefore I've included a few helpful tips that I've learned in training.

Always be aware of your surroundings... People are caught off guard when they aren't paying attention and their mind is distracted.

Watch for vehicles following you late at night. If you think you are being followed don't drive into your neighbordhood. Change your direction and if possible head for the police station.

Before getting out of your car Look Listen and then Act. (The One Minute Rule) Sit in your vehicle for at least a minute take that minute to scan the street, other vehicles, your house, the shadows such as bushes that surround your house (these are good places to hide).

Have the key you are going to use ready as you are walking up the steps to your home.

If you have items to carry into the house wait until dawn. By carrying in packages, boxes and equipment you are left very vunerable, frightengly vunerable.

Bushes should clear the bottom of your windows they shouldn't exceed the height of the window sill (as this gives criminals coverage). They have room to hide between the window and the bushes if it's taller than waist high.

If you know you will be arriving at home late at night and you live with someone have them look out for you. When you arrive at your residence call them from your cellular phone. And again only exit your vehichle when it is safe to do so.

If you do not live with someone and you will be arriving during later evening hours leave your front porch light on along with an interior light. And once you are safely inside your house do not open your front door for anyone (unless it is a friend, family member or neighbor). Always have a neighbor's number to call and have it on speed dial in the event something has you nervous.

If you are alone and you hear a sudden noise that reasoning cannot explain call 911 immediately. You can even request that the 911 operator call your neighbor who will be able to keep an eye out on your property (safely from within their own home) while you are waiting for 911 to send police officers in response to your call. This is especially helpful in the event that your neighbor sees something that you cannot see.

Of course these all seem like common sense tips, however when we are used to being secure we can easily slip into a state of complacency and be very passive about safety.


If it is safe in your state consider carrying to carrying mace. It's easy to use and will scare off your attacker. When properly sprayed for a full five seconds, the spray gets into every facial orface and begins to sting with such intensity that oftentimes people report the inablitlity to breathe or even see, because the pepper in the spray causes the eyelids to close invouluntarily. When the eye closes it intifies the burn because the pepper is fueld by the moisture the eye creates. So it's a losing battle for your attacker. If at all possible get back in your car and dry away.


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    • profile image

      Stay Safe 5 years ago

      Don't park the car at the end of a store parking lot

      always park close to the store