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Environmental Problems: Your First Steps

Updated on August 23, 2008

Environmental Problems: Your First Steps

Environmental issuesare buzz words lately. More and more people are debating environmental issues, and that is mainly due to increased understanding and publicity of the problems associated with global warming. Though climate change has been an issue for some time, it is far more recognized today.

There are three basic categories of environmental issues. First of all is global climate change. This includes global warming concerns, and the impact that global warming has on weather patterns, plants, animals, land masses, and so on. This also includes the reasons for climate change, which can include various kinds of pollution, potential world overpopulation, and underlying scientific reasons for natural climate change.

The second major category is the overuse of global resources. This can include deforestation, the stripping of fossil fuels from the land, land degradation, and other human activities that adversely affect our environment. This also relates to many endangered species, as they are often endangered because of people encroaching on their territory.

The third category focuses on waste management. This includes most forms of human pollution, including pollution of the water, land and air, and covering all kinds of pollutants, including chemicals, nuclear waste, and oil spills.

It's a great thing that so many more people are involved in environmental issues, because that means that more can be done to reverse the damage. Human societies have often moved ahead without realising what it would do to our planet, and now should start changing things before its too late.

Sometimes, people feel overwhelmed in the face of such widespread problems, but we can all make a positive contribution to environmental issues. The first step is taking personal responsibility. It doesn't take much effort to walk to the station, buy long life light bulbs or recycle You can act on environmental issues. If there is a problem, then there is a solution waiting.


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