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Shooting the Basketball: How to Create Space with the Step Back Move

Updated on September 3, 2008

The step back move is a common way for advanced basketball players to get space from their defender so they can launch their shot. This technique incorporates the jump-stop. Here's how it works...

If you're jumping away from the basket in order to create space between you and your defender, then leap off of your inside foot anytime that you are moving to one side or the other.

In other words, if you are dribbling to the right, initiate the move by jumping off of your left foot. Conversely, if you are dribbling to the left, initiate the move by jumping off of your right foot.


Initiate the move by flexing your pivot knee and crouching toward the defender.

Leap back forcefully off of your pivot foot to create a good distance from the defender. You should be moving the ball into the shot pocket as you jump back.


Ideally, you should land in your shooting stance position: shooting-hand foot a few inches forward, feet pointing to the basket, and about shoulder-width apart.

Spring straight up out of your stance into your shot. If you've done it correctly, you'll land in the same place after the shot.

This basketball move is commonly used by college and NBA players to get more space and shoot the basketball.

It's a good move but it takes lots of practice. The key is to execute the move while keeping perfect balance as you go up into your basketball shooting stroke.


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