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Our Family Staycation! Create Your Fantasy Vacation at Home!

Updated on December 19, 2008

7 Tips For a Successful Staycation!


For us it started years ago-back when the price of gas wasn't even an issue. But now with gas nearing $4 a gallon, the "Staycation" makes a whole lot of sense. Each year our family of six has taken at least two Family Staycations. We've stayed home and actually enjoyed our home and family for a whole weekend. Originally inspired by thrift, our Staycations are now some of our most look-forward-to events of the year!

The best parts of our Staycations are the spontaneous adventures we experience together. Who knew staying home could be so much fun?

There's a trick to it though. And just like any successful family vacation it takes a little bit of planning to make it special. The key ingredient is to allow for a whole ‘lotta hangin'. It is when we are "hanging out" when really experience "family."

Tip #1 Clean your house.

Nothing inspires cleaning better than incoming guests. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if you could actually enjoy your clean house for yourself? With the kid's help, we conquer the house before we "leave" for our Staycation.

Tip #2 Sleep somewhere different.

It's not a vacation unless you sleep somewhere different. Find a place where you can all sleep whether it's under the stars in a tent or spread out all over the floor in the family room. Think Slumber Party. We used to put a tent on our deck when the kids were little. Now since we've transformed our shed into a playhouse, we spread out 3 twin mattresses and cozy up in there. As long as our 8 year old stays small and can fit in the crack at the foot of the mattresses, the six of us slumber just fine.

Tip #3 Absolutely NO TV/computer games, etc.

Yes, you can do it. You will be amazed how much fun you will have as a family when you are not glued to some electronic device. You will come to know each other on a whole new level. You'll be surprised.

Tip #4 Do something UNUSUAL

Believe it or not, there are some things you've never done as a family in your home. When we started going on Staycations, we began having Tea Parties with the dolls and stuffed animals. Yes, my husband Mark even participated and had all kinds of interesting comments as he created his male-alter-ego "Black Hawk" who took a liking to various American Girl dolls. Turned out that Daddy was the star of the show and I've never heard the kids laugh so hard! On our most recent Staycation, the boys started building an outdoor shower for the pool. And on our bike ride, we stopped and had our first beach fire!

Tip #5 Do NOT do anything USUAL

Put aside as many of your home routines as possible. Resist the urge to sit and read the weekend newspaper. Stay away from the laundry room! Whatever it is, think---would I be doing this on a Va-cation?

Tip #5 Embrace quiet time.

Not every minute of your Staycation need be Yippy Skippy and full of action. Suddenly forgotten puzzles and old books can get the attention they deserve. Before your Staycation stock up on pile of library books. We routinely get about 50 books from the library everytime we go. Pull out the books when you're itching for some quiet---it's an instant tranquilizer for our kids.

Tip #6 Take pictures.

You'll need ‘em for those scrapbooks and postcards!

Tip #7 Bask in that beautiful family!

Only in the NOW can you make the memories.


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      8 years ago

      wow it works me and my faily had loads of fun thancks


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