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Stigmata a Bleeding Love

Updated on December 3, 2008

Bleeding Love

Stigmata is when a person suffers wounds, which duplicate the wounds of Jesus, during crucifixion.  According to the Bible, Jesus suffered nail wounds to his hands and feet, a wound from a lance on his side and deep whip slices on his back. He, also, had severe cuts and scratches on his shoulder, from bearing the cross. Upon his head, he wore a crown of thorns, which deeply scratched and severely cut and gauged his forehead.

Some stigmatics have all of the wounds.   Some have only the hands or only the feet, or hands and feet, both, but not the other wounds.  Some have shown nail wounds in their wrists.  There is much debate over the historical method of crucifixion. There is much controversy over Jesus being nailed through his hands or through his wrists.  Of course, this is one reason for skepticism, as Divine wounds, one would think, would be consistent.

Most stigmatic report excruciating pain immediately before and during the stigmatic episode and a deep, heartbreaking sadness during and immediately following  the bleeding. A soft, light smell of jasmine has, also, been reported.  Some call this ' The Odour of Sanctity '.  The blood is reported to be different than that of the inflicted party. This has been suggested to be the actual blood of Christ.  The blood does not clot and remains fresh and uninfected, but the wounds heal rapidly.

There have been over five-hundred reported cases of stigmata.  Men and women, but more women and usually of the Roman Catholic faith, but not exclusively.

Some skeptics say the whole thing is psychosomatic, brought about by one's own mind.  I believe the mind is a very powerful tool and can bring forth amazing changes in health, life and living. I am baffled by stigmata. Does one's faith and powerful belief consciously or unconsciously bring it forth?  Does it happen during prayer or deep meditation?  If so, I can see how one could manifest the suffering onto themselves. Why would Jesus strike some people with the suffering that he, so painfully, endured?  I've always been fascinated by stigmata. It is another unexplained phenomena that totally intrigues me.


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    • ChristineRitter profile image

      ChristineRitter 7 years ago from Ohio

      Much thanks, Y not

      Thanks, Adnohr, Gunno. lol :-)

    • Adnohr profile image

      Adnohr 7 years ago from Canada

      Great post! Is it a mind over matter thing, you think? (And how did I miss this when you first wrote it??)

    • Y not profile image

      Y not 7 years ago

      Very interesting article...You are a very talented writer.

    • profile image

      Chuck 8 years ago

      Very intriguing and mysterious, like the mystery of spontaneous combustion. No explanation has been found for it, so, to say it's psychosomatic is conjecture(even though, in some cases, it may be true). I think it all depends on the religious standpoint(or lack thereof) of the observer, as to the cause and meaning of the phenomenon...everybody has an ax to grind. lol Excellent, thought provoking article, Chris. xoxoxoxo

    • ChristineRitter profile image

      ChristineRitter 9 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks so much, Sinome for reading and commenting. xxoo

    • profile image

      Sinome/Marta 9 years ago

      Very interesting :-) I had heard about this but did not know exactly what it was. Great job :-)