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stress management for people

Updated on February 3, 2008

Stress management for people:

Now a days life is becoming more and more stressful because of urbanization and industrialisation. So it has become necessary for common man woman to learn about stress management. I had attended a two day work shop on stress management. Half day was spent in emotion control and half day in transactional analysis.

Stress results when pressure exceeds persons perceived ability to cope. Learning and practicing transactional analysis model is a good method. (read I am o k you are o k). Secondly stress results from negative and insecure thought process. Feeling of well being results from calm and quiet mind, inner wisdom and common sense.

Technique to cope with stress: Firstly time management may help a person to control stress. Person can set limit or say NO to certain demands that others make.

1) Meditation , yoga, and pranayam. Easier method for Indians to practice and master.

2) Rational behaviour: Identify and CHANGE distorted and unrealistic ways of thinking, errors of thinking that cause and maintain depression.

3) Control emotions.

4) Conflict resolution: resolving dispute by calm negotiations and listen to and meet each others needs.

5) Physical fitness and regular exercise.

6) Generally person must try to learn to relax. Person must have moments of total relaxation of mind and body( especially muscles) among our hectic life.


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    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 9 years ago from London UK

      Great hub,

      Stress can cause many physical problems and anyway to reduce stress will help so much..

    • profile image

      highwaystar 9 years ago

      Short, simple and to the point, great might want to hook-up with a hub page I covered which is stress related, thanks.