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26 Practical Tips to Drive Stress Away

Updated on December 9, 2008


Nope. As I write this article, the world is not doing well. Actually, that is an understatement. The economic downfall that is sweeping everyone off the floor is the worst since the Great Depression of 1930.

Make no mistake, many jobs have been cut. The job market is in tatters and will continue to bleed. Many have had their life savings wiped out from rogue investments. Tempers frayed. Bellies have gone hungry. Crime rates are inching up. And so are our stress levels.

But if there is one thing you need to know, it’s that there is no such thing as a stress-free life. Whether the economy is buzzing or floundering, we are always looking for ways to manage our stress levels. And the good news is there is more than one way to achieve that.

Practical Tips to Manage Stress

For best results, use a combination of the 26 techniques I have listed below to your advantage.

1) Accept that stress will always be around. Understand this first. Stress management means effective coping and not total eradication.

2) Be aware of your current stress level. Take self-responsibility to manage your life tensions. A good idea would be to set aside 30 minutes of your day to relax, reflect and restore your body and soul.

3) Concentrate and focus on controlling the situation you are in without being over-bearing. Control what you can, change what you must, and accept what you cannot change.

4) Diet, not dieting, is important. Look after your body by eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and drink plenty of water.

5) Exercise regularly to stay healthy and agile. Being in good health will allow you to remain productive in work and life.

6) Forgive and don’t hold grudges. You know, anger is just one letter from danger. Unresolved anger and unforgiveness will eventually eat into you. Forgiveness may not change others, but it will certainly change you.

7) Gain a perspective of life. If an issue annoys you very much, evaluate the significance of this matter in your life. If you think you can let it go, then just do it!

8) Hobbies or personal interests help to distract the mind in a relaxing kind of way. Do not always take things too seriously. Have fun, laugh and let your hair down.

9) Identify potential flare points and plan in advance to defuse the situation soonest possible.

10) Judge yourself in a realistic manner. It helps that you do not set lofty goals that are obviously out of reach. Instead set short-term targets that are within your capabilities and achievable.

11) Keep a positive attitude. Never despair. Keep you heads high and walk proud. Recognize that our emotions are often a direct result of our motions.

12) Limit your intake of alcohol and stimulants such as coffee. Excessive consumption may hinder your perception and behavior.

13) Manage your money well. Live within your means. Start by saving at least ten percent of what you earn monthly.

14) No is a word you need to learn to use without feeling guilty. You can’t possible be solely and totally responsible for the success or failure of every situation you meet in life.

15) Outdoor activities are effective stress busters because they give you a wonderful sense of achievement. Think jogging, inline skating, soccer, basketball and so on.

16) Prioritize your tasks into their order of importance and urgency. Complete the least time-consuming tasks first.

17) Quiet time on your own will allow you to reflect upon your actions in life. Try slowing down, instead of running around like a headless chicken. Work smart by using a proper objective and time frame.

18) Relationships, especially loving ones, are vital social pillars of strength. Empty vessels often make the loudest noise. So learn to listen more and talk less to enhance your personal relationships.

19) Sufficient sleep marks a good start to the day. It helps you to focus on the day’s activities (which you should have planned the night before.) Therefore choose a firm mattress with a supportive pillow.

20) Take time off to treat yourself to a periodic massage or movie or something you enjoy. Moderation is the key to success. Make it a point to celebrate small achievements.

21) Understand things from the other person’s point of view. In this way, it is likely that disagreements will be resolved faster. Also, you will end up with more reliable and loyal friends.

22) Verify any bad news from the root source before you hit the roof. This is to prevent unnecessary and unintended stress.

23) Worry less in order to increase your concentration level. Focus on what you can do now with what you have.

24) Xpress your affections and emotions readily instead of bottling them up. Good two-way communication is essential to prevent tensions from building up.

25) Yield to others by learning to give way. It is foolish to think you need to win all the time. By being at the top all the time, you can get pretty lonely and very stressful.

26) Zest for life. Each day is a new beginning. Celebrate it knowing that you are alive for another day. Think of the bigger picture in life. Smile and be thankful.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you have been observant, I have listed the 26 techniques in alphabetical order so that you will have an easier (less stressful!) time remembering them. There is no magic pill. Use a combination of these tips to alleviate your stress levels. Finally, if you think you are suffering from long term depression, consider making an appointment with your local psychiatrist immediately.

Kum Cheong wrote this article to help you to destress. At any point of time that you are feeling stressful, you can always visit his newest blog for lots of funny and wacky stuff


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