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Sudoku Tips

Updated on December 29, 2007

What is Sudoku?

Sudoku is an addictive game of logic.

A typical Sudoku puzzle is a large square containing nine medium squares, or 'regions', three on each side. Each region in turn contains nine small squares or cells, three on each side.

And the game starts with a sprinkling of single-digit numbers in the cells, and with most of the cells blank.

A typical Sudoku

A typical Sudoku
A typical Sudoku

Rules of Sudoku

The rules for Sudoku are simple:

  • Place one digit (from 1 - 9) in each cell
  • A number can only appear once in each row
  • A number can only appear once in each column
  • A number can only appear once in each 3x3 region

Let's Sudoku!

Sudoku Tips: Choose the right level

Most sources of provide Sudoku puzzles over a range of difficulties from easy to fiendishly difficult.

If you're a beginner, start with the easy puzzles. Maybe even the 'mini' Sudoku with fewer cells to solve.

Once you find that level is too easy, progress to the next level. Before long, you'll be hooked, and progressing to the most difficult puzzles.

Sudoku Tips: Use a Pencil for Marking Up

You'll probably start working on your Sudoku by scanning the cells, and identifying some obvious number placements. You might feel confident in using a pen to write in these numbers.

But then comes the stage when scanning is no longer enough. There are multiple possibilities for each of the remaining empy cells, and its far too much information to keep in your head.

You need to mark up the cells in some way, to record the different possibilities, and to do this, its best to use a soft pencil, plus an eraser, to remove your markings as you logically eliminate them from the possibilities.

Sudoku Tips: Counting

Counting is a simple technique that is a good place to start for solving your Sudoku.

You can choose a row, column or region, particularly one that has only one blank cell, and count through the numbers from 1 to 9 to identify the missing numbers.

Alertnatively, you can choose a blank cell, and work through the numbers 1 to 9, checking each number to see if if can go in that cell, in an attempt to identify the single unique number that belongs in that cell


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    • PrintableSudoku profile image

      PrintableSudoku 9 years ago from Huntington Beach, CA

      thanks for the sudoku tips!

    • profile image

      Pat 10 years ago

      A great place to learn how to play Sudoku is <a href="">Sudoku Learning Center</a>.

      It has detail instructions on the various techniques used to solve Sudoku puzzles, including advanced techniques such as x-wings,swordfish, coloring and forcing chains

      It has specially developed puzzles that allow you to focus on a particular technique and a web based graphical interface to give hints when needed.