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Super Affiliate Traffic

Updated on December 10, 2008

Super Affiliate Traffic

Super Affiliate Traffic - Introduction

Welcome to my review on Super Affiliate Traffic!

As always you can expect my reviews to be fair and honest, as I do not write this just so I can make a sale.

FIRST of all, if you already know about Super Affiliate Traffic but wish to find a good bonus, visit

Moving on... Super Affiliate Traffic is a product created by two of today's most popular marketers, Eric Rockefeller and Howie Schwartz.

Eric and Howie who? Well, if the names do not ring a bell... check out the video below, you can't miss it if you can continue reading.

Super Affiliate Traffic - Introducing Howie and Eric

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Super Affiliate Traffic - Introducing Eric and Howie

If you are new to internet marketing and may have not heard of Eric Rockefeller or Howie Schwartz, watch the video below so you may get to know their backgrounds.

In Super Affiliate Traffic, both these marketers make themselves available to their members. This is something that most newbies or even advanced markters need, as most if not a huge majority of marketers quit something that they were pursuing because they are unaware if what they are doing is right or not. There is no one there who has the experience to mentor them on what to do next.

Watch the video below to see how you can benefit from Super Affiliate Traffic, just as I have. 

Super Affiliate Traffic Video

Super Affiliate Traffic Review

Super Affiliate Traffic is an internet marketing training site that people can access through a monthly membership. Members are mentored by both Eric and Howie, who guide their students through traffic generation and monetization lessons, affording them cutting edge tools and software.

Super Affiliate Traffic is a membership site, there is a $77 monthly fee that includes one significant feature which is coaching, something newbies hardly get anywhere.

Of course there the usual tutorial videos and pdfs, that teach students the strategies towards internet marketing success.

Super Affiliate Traffic

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    • RoySencio profile image

      RoySencio 9 years ago from CA, USA

      HI Andy...

      First, it is certainly worth it. You get 3 software tools and a bunch of videos that show you how to get your sites on the first page of Google.

      Here are some videos I put up which show results I accomplished at short notice because I wanted to get on product launches.

    • profile image

      andy 9 years ago

      so do you think it is worth the 77dollars and is there there a way to re-sell this program i am a newbie internet marketer and very uncertain as i have been hit so many time with promises that have never paid off ? does it do exactly what it says on the tin?

    • profile image

      Automated Ebook Software 9 years ago

      I've seen a very similar post somewhere else last week. But yours is more in detail.I am sure this is very useful information for all. Thanks.