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the best birthday ever

Updated on August 20, 2011

my perfect birthday


ok so i dont know if any of you know who michael shanks is?

hes hot no doubt hes getting better with age. did i mention i

love canadian men? long stories there. anywhos. perfect

birthday would be no kid (sorry isis i love you but...) no hubby

(sorry babe love you but...) there would be sushi involved. love

sushi. no alcohol i wanna remember this. michael shanks

woudl so be there not his wife though i'm sure she's a perfectly

wonderful wife and mom. but she's not invited. nothign

personal. wait yeah it is. anywhos. orlando bloom would be

there too. brendadn frasier. i assure you this isnt going

where you think it is. eric szmanda he plays greg on csi. he

can bring warrick and nick too. garth brooks without trisha.

just because i can. i think thats good for now. harrison ford

and jeff goldblum ok yeah thats pushing it. but we would all

gather around watch an eagles versus the cowboys football

game. watch the eagles CRUSH the cowgirls 42-0. then

we'd play poker. i like poker. no i'm serious thats what i

would do. i think thats awesome. wow that made me happy

just thinking about it. joaquin phoenix in not allowed at my

party he cheats at poker. trust me. yeah thats what i would

do. wow thats so not right is it?


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